Well, there goes hammock time…

Hammock time with Evil Kitteh


I mentioned before about wanting to let Gizmo, a.k.a. Evil Kitteh, become an outdoor cat again. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much of a pet person, and I like them even less inside my house. So me letting him stay inside since October was probably a shock to everyone, really.

Yesterday was the day. Giz went outside. He didn’t freak out. He didn’t jump all over the glass door again. There were no tears from the kids. It just…happened.

He has seemed to take up residence on the shelf on the porch. Maybe I should put his cat bed up there. He’s mostly stayed inside the screened porch, but he has ventured out into the yard more today through the kitty door built into the side.

Monkey, during his two week grounding period, is allowed to go out back and hang out. I hadn’t checked on him in a while, and when I got to the door, this is what I saw…my son and the cat chillin’ on the hammock.

Now I’m wondering about when I go out to read on the hammock…is the cat going to think I’m invading his space?


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