We almost made it through.

Our plans for today were to attend morning services at a new church here in town. After lunch, we had thought about driving into the city for a bit of shopping.

Somebody had other plans, I suppose. Last night, I heard my daughter cough once while she was taking a bath. But it didn’t sound bad, and I didn’t hear it again. But I guess with all the respiratory problems she’s had in her little life, it put me on my guard.

This morning, we were awake but still in bed, and I heard her cough from her room. I immediately got up to check on her. She was fine, she said. I tried not to get all worked up. At breakfast, she coughed again, and this time I could definitely tell it sounded chesty. I dug out my stethoscope (haven’t used it in a while, heh) and listened. There’s definitely some rattling going on in her lungs. Dang.

I just had the thought run through my mind a couple days ago…how lucky we have been this winter! We’ve made it this far with no illnesses for the kids. Especially my daughter…I worry about every little cold she gets, because it almost always goes directly to her chest and turns into something much worse. For her, a little runny nose can lead to asthma problems, bronchitis, sometimes pneumonia, multiple breathing treatments, and often, the dreaded oral steroids. I would rather shove bamboo shoots under my fingernails than give the child oral steroids. She goes into full blown ‘Roid Rage. I am so not kidding. I’m talking ‘no sleeping, hitting, kicking, screaming at teachers, OMG somebody’s got to pick this child up from school NOW’ kind of ‘Roid Rage. It’s not pretty.

I went ahead and got started on the breathing treatments first thing after breakfast. I was floored because I have not seen a runny nose, nothing, just the first cough last night. It’s crazy! When I was hooking her up the machine, I noticed she felt a little warm…checked her temp, and she was 100.1. Not high, of course, but I went ahead and started the fever routine. This kid tends to run scary high fevers, and I’d personally like to nip that anxiety attack in the bud, thank you.

As of now, we’ve gotten two breathing treatments done, and her temp is hovering around 99. She mostly acts fine, except when she coughs. The last coughing fit really did a number on her, and she actually came to me and asked if she could do a treatment. Poor baby.


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