Crazy Cat

So what exactly is this, you ask? Well, obviously it’s a hole. In one of the screens of our screened in back porch.

It was created this morning by an insane cat who went complete batcrap crazy when he was discovered inside our porch, gobbling up all our cat’s food.

I have noticed that there are two neighborhood cats that don’t like to let Gizmo eat his own food. I mean, they literally push him out of the way and practically dare him to come back to it. They hide out under our shed in the corner of the back yard, just waiting for me to come out with the food, and then it’s like open season. I chased the other cats away, but they just came back every time. So, I moved Gizmo’s food and water bowls inside the screened porch…there’s a kitty door on one side. It took him some time to really figure out how to use said kitty door, but when he did I thought everything was fine. I rather delighted in watching the the other cats walk around and around the porch, not able to figure out how to get in to Gizmo’s food. I thought I had outsmarted them.

Now…I have absolutely no problem whatsoever letting other cats eat the food I put out. I like cats. (Just not in my house.) That is, as long as they don’t starve my cat in the process. Granted, my fat cat could stand to lose a few pounds, but when I put food out three times a day and watch him not get a single bit of it, I get a little mad. Giz has obviously shed some weight in the last couple weeks, but Friday he was actually hoarse, and his normally loud meow was just pitiful.

This morning, my son walked into the kitchen and then called out to us, saying that ‘one of the white cats was eating Gizmo’s food.’ I jumped up, and saw that the cat had figured it out, and was inside the porch. So I stepped out there, intending to herd it to the kitty door to get out.

Um. That’s so not what happened.

The cat saw me and went completely berserk. It started running around and around the porch ninety to nothing, and kept ramming its head into every screen it came to. It was a very odd scene. At first, I laughed because it was all so crazy. But then the cat started hissing like mad, and ramming the screens harder and harder every time. My son was out there, and I didn’t want that dumb thing to hurt him, and I sure wasn’t going to try to catch it with the way it was acting. I ran to the big door, pushed it open and hoped the cat would see it and just get the heck out. Nope. It kept running around like crazy, and then all of a sudden, it hit one of the screens with its head, and broke right on through and ran for the woods behind the house.

We just stood there and stared at it. I still can’t believe that cat was able to punch through the screen like that. B. ended up making an unexpected trip to Lowe’s to get something to fix the screens, and came home with a much stronger metal screen. We haven’t seen the cat since then.

My son took advantage of the missing screen. “I’m in, I’m out. I’m in, I’m out.” Goofy kid. Later in the day, we talked to our next door neighbors, and learned something fairly interesting about the cats that spend so much time at our house. They actually belonged to the people who lived here before us! When they moved, they just left the cats here. How crazy is that?? The neighbors have continued to give them food because they didn’t want them to just starve, and didn’t want to take them to a shelter and they end up euthanized if nobody wanted them. So they’ve been eating next door, AND then still coming here and eating my cat’s food. No wonder the one that punched through our screen today was so fat! And now it makes so much more sense why these two cats have acted like they belong here ever since we moved in…pawing around in our garage, sleeping under our shed, lazing around on our front porch. I guess they think they have a right to eat all the food, maybe they see Gizmo as the outsider.

It seems that I dislike the previous owners more and more all the time. Who just leaves their pets behind when they move? Jerks.


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