I have finally seen it!

Thursday night, I was in a total panic because I was seeing all kinds of school closings and forecasted snow for, well, pretty much everywhere.

That’s right. I said SNOW. In South Georgia. Run to the store and get your milk and bread, baby.

When I first heard the word snow Thursday morning, I really didn’t think too much about it…I’ve heard the word uttered a few times before and not much ever happened. March 1, 2009, we were told we’d get snow, and all we got was a few flurries…I had to take a pic of the kids in front of my husband’s black truck just to catch it on camera. I didn’t expect much this time.

Then all the reports of school closings started pouring in. I began to take it more seriously. Panic set in because I was driving, just me and the kids, for four hours. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m severely directionally challenged. The only reason I make it ANYWHERE is because of Garmin GPS. And although I’ve made the trip between here and here several times now, I’m usually going my husband’s way. Which is the ever confusing, let’s drive the scenic route through all the podunk little towns, I have GPS in my head, dear, and turn on every highway on the freakin’ map. He can now go “his way” pretty much without GPS, but me? Dude, I need as straight a route as I can possibly get, the fewer turns the better! Honestly, if it’s just me, I tend to stay on the interstates…yeah, it adds to the trip a bit, but for me it’s always just been easier.

The more I kept thinking about it, though, I realized that I would likely be getting into Macon about the time this forecasted snow hit. I don’t even like driving in rain, so I didn’t even want to think about driving in snow. My dad had said something about the route he and my mom had started taking, so I called him to find out the exits and highways. I decided to get up early Friday morning, and get going, and hopefully miss all the funky weather.

I almost made it! My dad’s route was soooo much easier, so I think from here on out I will be driving that way. By the time I got to Hawkinsville, roughly halfway to our hometown, it started raining. Within fifteen minutes, it was sleet/rain. It stayed that way until I got into our county, then I started noticing white flecks in the rain. I stopped to get the kids lunch, and then headed out to my parents house. For a while, we could see the snow really coming down, but it wasn’t sticking. I took a nap, the kids played Wii, and then my brother and I drove to Albany to pick up stuff for the birthday party.

Driving home felt like a Georgia blizzard. Neither me nor my brother could believe what we were seeing…it was so surreal! By the time we got back to the house, it was starting to stick too.

My daughter played in it for a bit, but once she got cold, it was all over for her. My son however? That boy and his uncle stayed out here as long as they could, throwing snowballs at each other for hours. Crazy kids! 🙂

People, I am *cough*29*cough* years old and I have NEVER seen real snow! This was when it had just started to really stick.

Within an hour or so, everything was white. It looked like a postcard! All I wanted to do was run around taking pictures of everything with snow on it! I got a lot, and they are all posted on my Facebook page…so if you’re friends with me there you’ve probably already seen them. (And yes, Friday night/Saturday morning, Facebook for me was full of snow pictures!) Here are a few of my favorites.

I know it’s definitely not much by northern standards, but this just doesn’t happen where I’m from! My mom said that she was pretty sure the last time we got this much snow was back in the mid 70’s, before I was even born. I don’t look for it to happen like this again anytime soon! We (me, my brother, sister-in-law, and their neighbor C.) attempted to build a snowman…Will has been in Atlanta when they got snow, and was the only one who knew how to “roll the snow” into a big ball. We had the thing pitifully built, and when my sister-in-law went inside to get stuff to put on it, it decided it was too top heavy and lopsided and crashed to the ground! So all I have is this pic of the mini snowman my husband made when we first went out to play in it. Cute, yes? 🙂

By Saturday morning, much of it had already started to melt away. We could still see it on the ground and some of the bushes, and a few houses still had snowy roofs. There were massive muddy puddles where it was melting, which created quite a mess at our son’s party later!

Today, as we drove back home, almost all of it was gone. Halfway here, I started seeing large patches of snow still lingering on the ground. I could tell where people had built snowmen, because the bottom sections were still hanging around too!

So. For the first time in my life, I have seen real snow. I can cross that off my list now!


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