Thursday 13: My Distractions

I always start the day out with a clear plan in mind of what I want/need to get done. Seldom do I ever manage to follow that plan! There is always something distracting me, and if I ever get too comfy doing something, I’m not likely to pull away from it any time soon. These are the 13 things that tend to be my main distractions…


  1. Facebook: Without a doubt, Facebook never fails to suck me into the swirling vortex of nothingness. Granted, I am better about it now than I used to be…I don’t play all the silly games and take all the pointless quizzes anymore. Fifteen people sent me gifts for my Farm? Ignore. Dishes for my Cafe? Ignore. Fifty Valentines posted to my Wall? Delete. Now, I mostly just read statuses and comment on a few here and there. With the exception of the Collapse game. It’s become quite the obsession for me to have THE TOP SCORE of all my friends who play the game. Oh, and Farkle. Can’t forget the Farkle. Those are the only silly games I play. I mean it this time.
  2. Twitter: Isn’t Twitter now a distraction for pretty much every body these days? I find myself checking it several times a day, and I can’t stand to let replies go unanswered for too long…
  3. TweetDeck: Yes, this one goes along with Twitter…but I separated it because I have discovered that if I am ever to be productive, I can’t open TweetDeck on my computer until I have done everything I need to do. Otherwise, I’ll keep passing by the computer looking at it.
  4. Ubertwitter: Are you seeing a pattern here? 😉 This is the Twitter app that I use on my phone. Handy for when I’m traveling and such…but I have learned that if I can’t open up TweetDeck on the computer, I definitely can’t open Ubertwitter on my phone…the instant I see the red blinking light I am simply compelled to check it. Following over 100 people, you can see how this would become time consuming…
  5. Blackberry: I’m sorry, but very little comes between me and my Blackberry. If you see me, chances are the phone is attached to me somewhere. If it’s not in my hand, you can bet it’s in my pocket. I get a little twitchy if I see the blinking red light and don’t check it right away. I did go so far as to give each notification certain tones, so that when I hear it, I know what just landed in Blackberry land…but c’mon, I still have to check it! Did I ever tell you about that time that I went to work and left my beloved Blackberry at home? No? That’s because it’s too painful to remember.
  6. Slacker/Pandora: Blackberry music apps. I don’t care too much for complete silence, so most of the time, I’ll turn one of these apps on and listen to music. When I used my iPod for this, it was okay. I just turned on ‘My Faves’ playlist and went on about my business. Now however, if I really like a song, I feel like I just HAVE to unlock the phone,  click like, lock the phone, and put it back in my pocket so I can hear it again later. Same goes for songs I don’t like, I feel the intense need to make it stop playing!
  7. Blackberry Messenger: Dude, it’s way cooler than just texting. The thing is, most of the time I can ignore a text for awhile. BBM’s require almost immediate response time…especially since this is how most of my family contacts me these days…since they know that I’m nowhere without my phone (except for that one time). And if my little brother doesn’t get an automatic reply, he keeps sending “Hello?” messages…
  8. Google Reader/Blogs: I haven’t linked to blogs from my site in a long time, mainly because I just never got around to it when I started blogging again. But that doesn’t mean I don’t read blogs. The subscription number in my Google Reader is literally insane. Sometimes it can take me an hour or more to read everything start to finish…which is why I only open that up a couple times a day. It gets overwhelming! I know I could decrease some of what I subscribe to, but I’ve already done that…
  9. Kindle: This is a fairly new distraction for me…I just got mine in January. When I settle in to read on my Kindle, there’s not much that can tear me away for too long. Check kid’s homework, Kindle. Feed kids, Kindle. Pee. Kindle. Kindle is life. HA.
  10. . Hulu: Oh man. Hulu. I discovered that one a long time ago, and quickly became obsessed. I found October Road episodes on there and watched every episode. Don’t remember that show? Yeah, I’m not surprised. I added all kinds of crap to my queue.  Movies, shows, excerpts…addicting, I tell ya! I quit Hulu cold turkey and said I’d never go back.
  11. Lost: I lied to myself. I had never watched more than bits and pieces of two episodes of Lost…and those left me so baffled I vowed I wouldn’t become one of those Losties. NEVER SAY NEVER! I decided recently to see what all the fuss was about…you know, this being the FINAL SEASON and me being always late to the party. I found all the seasons on Hulu. I watched one episode. Then I watched two episodes. Then three. I fell in love with Charlie. Hurley made me laugh. I wanted to wash and cut Sawyer’s hair. And OMG Ian Somerhalder was in the first season! LOVE. I am currently several episodes into season four now, and it has proven to be my number one distraction lately.
  12. The DVR: There are many days that I never even turn the TV on until the rest of the family gets home. I have so much else to do, you know? 😉 So the fairly long schedule of shows I have set to record build up. I have been known to have many a Dirty Jobs or Mythbusters marathon right by myself. (I would love to be a Mythbuster. That is all.) And I truly don’t know how to watch live TV anymore…after two years of having DVR, and pausing shows and fast forwarding through commercials, I get upset when I actually have to watch live TV. If you say to me, “Hey, did you see that commercial?” I’ll likely tell you no…because I really haven’t seen it.
  13. Kids: Maybe you’re thinking this one should be number one. But really, they are not here most days until after 3 pm…by then I have already encountered probably every single one of the above distractions. Once they are home though, it’s all homework, reading, snacking, keeping them the 5 year old out of trouble. That in itself is a full time job.

Bon Bons? I have been a SAHM since September, I have yet to see the first Bon Bon. Bags of chips, yes, please…

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5 thoughts on “Thursday 13: My Distractions

  1. I love Hulu and I spend far too much time at Facebook. I used to use Twitter but all of a sudden it won’t let me in — it says I have changed my password and I haven’t!

  2. You are connected! I thought I had distractions with just Facebook, Twitter and my iPhone… and the Olympics these days too… but you’ve got me beat! I love it.

    Come visit my random TT! And have a great day!

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