Welcome to the cat house

Yesterday was a pretty good day, right up until about 4:30 pm. That’s when everything went downhill extremely fast…

Remember when the crazed cat went haywire inside our screened in porch and finally busted through the screen? That day freaked me out enough, not to mention costing us money to fix the stupid screen he put a hole in with his fat head. I have NEVER seen a cat act like that. That happened the first week of February…we had not seen the cat since that day.

I knew then that something was just “off” about that cat. I’ve been owned by several cats since I was 15 years old, so I know how a normal cat acts. Even skittish cats, because I have definitely been around those, too.

Keep up with me here, it might get confusing…apparently, ours has become known as the cat house in the feline world around here. I mentioned on Twitter the other day seeing an orange cat that, at first, I almost mistook for our cat Gizmo in the dark. I just started seeing that one a few days ago, and I have no idea where it came from…but it is at least somewhat tame. Well, I’ve seen the Mistaken Twin nosing around the yard since then, but that was it. Crazy Insano Cat is fat, and mostly white with gray patches.

While waiting for the kids bus to pull up, I saw Crazy Insano Cat walking across our front yard. I watched it for a while, but then lost track of it while getting the kids inside. I had already passed by the kitchen doors and glanced outside, and didn’t see it, so I hoped it had kept going somewhere else.

Around 4:30 or so, I was on my way to the laundry room (just off the kitchen) to get towels out of the washer and put into the dryer. I never made it in there. I looked out on the porch, and saw Gizmo, his Mistaken Twin, and Crazy Insano all in there. The two that didn’t belong were scarfing down Gizmo’s food.

I didn’t want the cats to go berserk again, so I quietly slid the door open and stepped out onto the porch. I walked to the door, held it open, hoping the cats would just walk out. Ha. No such luck. I was somehow going to have to try to get them out. Gizmo just shot out through the cat door. So I was left with Mistaken Twin and Crazy Insano. I was able to herd Mistaken Twin out with a fair amount of coaxing. Crazy Insano? Not so much. He didn’t look right, his eyes are very red and puffy looking. Every time I got close to it, it started hissing like mad, and shooting across the porch and banging its head into the screens. This whole time, I had my son holding the door to the porch open, with him safely behind it, in case the stupid animal decided to go out without a fight. I grabbed a one by that my husband had left out there, intending to try to push it closer to the door. Bad idea. Crazy Insano freaked out, jumped on the rack that holds B’s tools (which fell to the ground, and scattered nails and tools all over the place), then jumped on the screen over the laundry room window (tearing a hole in it), and then proceeded to climb his way around the porch on the upper screens. I had no idea what to do, my daughter was freaking out inside, I had sent my freaking out son back in the house already, and I couldn’t get my husband on the phone. Not that he could have done anything from half an hour away, but still.

So I shut the door to the porch, and walked back inside, to look up the number for animal control. I felt incredibly silly asking for someone to come get this cat, but they dispatched someone out. By the time the guy got here, I watched as Crazy Insano sneaked out the cat door. I did manage to track him down, because he took up residence on the front porch then. He took off as soon as he saw the guy’s net, and got into the woods. The guy traipsed around back there for a while, trying to find the cat, but never could. He almost snagged the Mistaken Twin, but it was something of an afterthought…he’d thought he was looking at our cat instead of the stray. Forty-five minutes later, there was no sign of either cat. The animal control guy talked to me for a while about traps I can get from them, and they would come pick the cat up for me; he also talked to me about what all diseases this cat could possibly have, and how it could get Gizmo sick, and I don’t even want to think about if it scratched or bit one of the kids.

My son and the neighbors have told me that Crazy Insano cat actually belongs to people across the neighborhood. Apparently, they have several cats that they don’t really take care of, and just before animal control got here I saw their tiny chihuahua (no collar, either) go sprinting across the road. I don’t know them, but I’m very close to walking over there and tell them what a huge problem one of their “pets” is causing us.

It’s just so frustrating. If I put the food bowls outside of the porch, they fight Gizmo and won’t let him get any of it. I’ve seen it happen. I could lock the cat door, put a litter box out there, and keep Gizmo inside the porch, but that’s a sad thing for Gizmo to have to do because of this stupidity.



4 thoughts on “Welcome to the cat house

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