A Meeting of the Minds

We met with our realtor this morning. She is the one who helped us so much when we were trying to get moved here. We certainly didn’t make it easy for her, spanning a four hour distance between two of us, and taking up two full days of her time looking at an insane number of houses! She was really our lifesaver during that time of our lives, so we will definitely continue to use her as our realtor.

I think we both went into it trying not to have too many expectations. It’s not like we can move out of this place tomorrow, next month, or even in the next few months. I guess we more or less wanted to find out what kind of options we have, if any. By the time we left, we had a few more answers that we needed.

Basically, we have to stay put for a while. I knew this, really. We could put the house up for sale tomorrow, but we don’t have much equity built up yet, meaning we’d have to come up with some serious money at closing, and especially since we have vowed that we are not ever going to go the FSBO route again. We aren’t in a position to do that! She also told us that the market is not really expected to get much better for maybe another 18 months or so. And more than likely, since she agreed this isn’t exactly a family friendly house anymore, our target buyers would end up being first time buyers, probably no children. That might take a while to find. Not to mention, prospectives aren’t likely to  look so favorably on all the construction mess that’s about to come to us. She said right now, our best bet is to stay here, and come back to her about this time next year, and then we can put the house on the market and see what happens. In the meantime, she is going to keep our house in mind, if she comes across a buyer that might be right for us.

And honestly, after I calmed down about the whole situation the other night, prayed on it, slept on it…that’s what I had been thinking anyway. And that’s okay. A year or so will give us time to work on this house, on the the many projects that need to be done. That will also give us time to really learn the neighborhoods around this place…there’s still so many that we don’t know, and I want to make sure to not make the same mistake twice. I’m going to be super picky this time around.


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