“Not Me!”

I did not eat Doritos for lunch yesterday.

I definitely did not let Gabbie eat Doritos for lunch yesterday with me.

We most certainly did not eat said Doritos while sitting on the couch in the living room, watching iCarly.

I did not dare utter a bad word in front of Boston when Crazy Insano cat was flipping out inside our porch.

I absolutely did not sit on my butt most of the weekend playing on the computer.

I undeniably did not ignore the housework all weekend long.

I would never hang around burning through my DVR’d episodes of The Office…Not Me!

I unequivocally did not act like a lunatic when I thought JB had lost Boston’s birthday money, $295!

Obviously, I did not have to eat my words and say I was sorry for that when he found it…admittedly in a place where it should never have been, but I digress…


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