American Idol: Top 24, Girls Night

My take on tonight’s American Idol…and yes, I have a few favorites 🙂 Once again, I tended to think the opposite of what the judges thought.

Paige Miles: She sang All Right Now…I think Paige can sing, but I just don’t think this was the right song for her. Not to mention, I could hardly hear the music until the background singers joined in. Didn’t enjoy her tonight. Simon saying she had the best voice of all the girls stunned me, personally. (And um, why was she “sewn” into her outfit??)

Ashley Rodriguez: She sang Happy…I can’t say that I have actually listened to that particular Leona Lewis song too much, but Ashley sounded a little out of tune in some places. She was pitchy, Dawg. But otherwise, I think she did okay. Not my favorite, though.

Janell Wheeler: She sang What About Love…first off, how much do I love that she sang Heart?? It really made my daughter dance around the room. But I don’t think it was quite right for her. It takes a big ol’ voice to sing Heart. I normally I like Janell, but I wasn’t feeling it tonight. But I’ll pull a Paula…she looked gorgeous 🙂

Lilly Scott: She sang Fixing a Hole…I may not be in the majority here, but she is one of the girls that I’ve been hoping a good stylist gets a hold of quick. Is her hair gray? Or is it just platinum blonde gone wrong? And where on earth does she get those earrings? I have to admit, I’ve never heard the song she sang. I wanted it to end much quicker than it did, though. Yeah, she’s unique. I get that. But I guess I just don’t “get” her yet.

Katelyn Epperly: She sang Oh Darlin…I loved her! I wasn’t so fond of her outfit. She almost looked like she belonged on a street corner. But the song was awesome, and she has been one of my favorite girls from the beginning.

Haeley Vaughn: She sang I Wanna Hold Your Hand…Dude. I love the song, normally love Haeley, but this was not good for me. She sounded like she was screaming the majority of the song. I hope she does better next week, because I have been a fan of hers since her audition.

Lacey Brown: She sang Landslide…again, love the song, but not the performance. Lacey must not have made too much of an impression on me, because I didn’t even know who she was when she came on. Didn’t enjoy it. Oh, but she’s got nice eyes, according to Simon…

Michelle Delamor: She sang Fallin’…this song just seemed right for her, and she rocked it. She was one of my favorites of the night. And how beautiful is she?? I think she held back a little, but it was still one of the better performances tonight.

Didi Benami: She sang The Way I Am…I absolutely loved her singing Kara’s song before, and this song just fit her! That said, I don’t think it showed off her voice very well. I was really hoping for a little more from her. How many times did Ellen say the word ‘great’ in talking to her?

Siobhan Magnus: She sang Wicked Game…the song choice made me wonder, and I’ve been a little on the fence about her already. It’s definitely not a song I would have picked, but I guess she sang it as well as it could be sung. It was just alright for me, Dawg. (Simon’s reaction to her reason for picking the song was priceless.)

Crystal Bowersox: She sang Hand In My Pocket…She’s been one of my favorites since her audition. She’s got an amazing and unique voice, in my opinion. She could use a stylist, but she’s definitely her own person. Girl can sing! And hello? Two instruments? Love her. My favorite of the night!

Katie Stevens: She sang Feelin Good…She is just too cute! I lurve me some Michael Buble! And this girl has such a huge voice for her to be so young. I liked it, it wasn’t my absolute favorite though. I thought the judges were a little harsh, though.

So…my top three tonight: Crystal, Michelle, and Katelyn. My bottom three: Paige, Ashley, and Haeley.



6 thoughts on “American Idol: Top 24, Girls Night

  1. I agree about Haeley…I thought she was awful. I want to like Crystal, but it's too hard. I just wrote a post on AI too if you want to check it out! I really like your blog, btw!

  2. I'm new to the blogging world. I've been trying to figure out how to have a link for my page show up…any tips? My site is

  3. No real tips, as I'm sort of an oldie getting back into blogging world 😉 As for the links, I *think* that usually when you are commenting (at least on WordPress) it has the URL box, just type it in there. I've been seeing some comment systems lately that are confusing and ask for different things, on blogspot and such.

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