American Idol: Top 24, Boys Nights

I have high hopes for the boys! I have several favorites in this group, and I am really hoping they do better than the majority of the girls last night.

~ Todrick Hall: He sang Since You’ve Been Gone…My eyebrows went up when I heard what he was singing. I’m all for making a song your own, but I didn’t like his version of this song. That disappointed me, because I expected more from him. Crazy arrangement was an understatement, Simon.

~ Aaron Kelly: He sang Here Comes Goodbye…This boy can sing! I love listening to him. I also really like Rascal Flatts, if y’all can believe that. As much as I like him, there were a couple times he sounded just a smidge pitchy. My son said he sounded ‘just like Rascal Flatts Mama!’ Definitely one of my faves.

~ Jermaine Sellers: He sang Get Here…I have to admit, I wasn’t too thrilled he made it to the top 24, after that Man in the Mirror audition. Maybe he has a decent enough voice, but those high notes hurt my ears. Meh. Oh, and the Stanky Leg, really, Jermaine?

~ Tim Urban: He sang Apologize…yeah, I wasn’t too sure about this kid being brought back in to the competition. Sorry, but in my humble opinion, he totally butchered one of my favorite songs ever. My son said “Dude, that sucked.” Who cares how cute he is if he makes your ears bleed when he sings?

~ Joe Munoz: He sang You and I…I have never heard this song before. I really didn’t remember Joe from before tonight. He has a good voice. He’s not my absolute favorite, but he performed great.

~ Tyler Grady: He sang American Woman…I’m on the fence about Tyler. He kinda grates on my nerves. Loved his song choice. I could swear I heard that exact same performance in the smoky karaoke bar my friend liked to drag us too…I’m not a fan.

~ Lee Dewyze: He sang Chasing Cars…I haven’t been a fan of Lee’s up to this point. He looked so spastic up there. When he hit the right notes, it sounded good, but unfortunately that didn’t seem to happen much. Randy mentioned Kings of Leon…he might sound good doing something like that.

~ John Park: He sang God Bless the Child…I think John has a good voice, but I didn’t care for this performance. He just sounded all over the place. Did not enjoy.

~ Michael Lynche: He sang This Love…now I love me some Maroon 5. And I love me some Michael Lynche. I’m definitely a fan. But this performance was a little iffy to me. I think it was enough to keep him around, but not my favorite.

~ Alex Lambert: He sang Wonderful World…JB says he has a baby mullet. 🙂 He has a different kind of voice that I have liked so far…but I wasn’t too sure about him tonight. I think he could definitely do better. Ellen, bananas? Geez.

~ Casey James: He sang Heaven…I have lurved Casey James since his first audition! Huge, huge fan. My husband says it’s just because I think he’s hot. Well. You know. But the boy can sing. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. The judges Kara acted just plain stupid after he was finished. Second season, and I still don’t like Kara.

~ Andrew Garcia: He sang Sugar, We’re Going Down…Unexpected song choice, but he made it work. I have liked him from the beginning. Funny story…this is the first time I’ve ever understood all the lyrics to this song 😉 I didn’t get the judges downing him like that, especially after homeboy butchered the Kelly Clarkson song earlier in the show. I liked it.

My top three: Casey, Aaron, Joe

My bottom three: Todrick, John, Tim


2 thoughts on “American Idol: Top 24, Boys Nights

  1. I would hear that Fall Out Boy song on the radio, and just go "We're going down down mmmmmmmm…..and sugar we're going down swinging…." And loaded gun complex? NEVER knew that's what that line was! lol

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