American Idol: Top 24, Results Show

I was super excited to watch this show, for one reason, Kris Allen would be on it! (Mmm I ❤ Kris).

First off, am I the only one who can’t stand the group numbers? They just get cheesier and cheesier. And I couldn’t help but laugh when poor Tim completely forgot to hold up his microphone.

Alison Iraheta…she looked great! Interesting, uh, dress. I have never heard the song Scars before tonight, but it sounded pretty good. I guess I forgot how raspy her voice was 😉

Kris Allen…oh, how I’ve missed seeing him each week and voting like a crazy person for him. I might just have to go download his song. He’s just got that voice that I could listen to all day long. Sigh.

Sent home this week:

  • ~ Janell. That shocked me. Sure, it wasn’t her best performance…but I thought she’d get through this week. I didn’t even consider her to be in my bottom three. Weirdly enough, she seemed to sing that song slightly better tonight than before.
  • ~ Ashley. I had picked her as one of the go homers…but I admit that when they put Didi up there with her I got nervous. Some of those notes she hit tonight were horrendous.
  • ~ Joe. I’m so upset about this. Joe was infinitely better than Tim, and you could look at Tim’s face and tell he knew he should have gone home.
  • ~ Tyler. Color me shocked! I didn’t like Tyler, but I figured he’d get the girly vote and stay in. I also thought between him and Alex, it would be Alex, because they made such a big deal out of how uncomfortable he was.

Duuuuude. My confidence is shaken. I only predicted 1 of the 4 sent home…



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