My daughter, the comedian: Part Two

This month’s funnies, as brought to life by my goofy 5 year old daughter…

  • ~ “I want some crapioli, Mama.” (that would be ravioli, by the way.)
  • ~ “Mama, can’t you just drive me to see Dr. W?” (4 hours away!)
  • ~ “But Mama, you’re a Doctor, can’t you give me medicine to make me better?”
  • ~ She breaks it on down to the Peanut Butter Jelly song as I’m making her PB&J sandwich…even throws in different pitched voices. I couldn’t breathe, y’all.
  • ~ As we are reading through her timed sentences for her Friday test for the gazillionth time, we realized she has memorized the sentences and is trying to read from memory. Her comment? “I’m just good like that!”
  • ~ She has a thing for taking off all her clothes and streaking through the house before her shower…most recently, she stopped at the hallway, said, “Mommy…” and when I turned around, she hollered “I just killed you with my booty!” Strange kid.
  • ~ She loves pinky promises. If she looks at you, and holds her pinky up, she wants you to pinky promise her something. The scary thing is, she usually won’t tell you what you are promising…

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