Not Me: 3/1/10

I did not totally confuse all of my friends by naming a Mexican restaurant in a completely different city. Los, El, I mean, it’s easy to do, really.

I certainly didn’t stare stupidly at the texts that then started pouring in: “Where’s that?” “Have I heard of that place?” “Okay, you’ll have to give me directions there.”

So, of course, I didn’t feel incredibly daft when I realized that I had just flashed back to my college town, and my favorite Mexican hangout there. A town none of them ever visited.

I would never kick someone under the table to give them a hint that they are talking way too much.

I totally deny sending my daughter to school in her big brother’s pants. There’s no proof.

I did not scream at the TV during American Idol.

I didn’t let my kids stay up until 11 pm all weekend long, so I could sleep later the next morning….No, NOT ME.


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