Let the nightmare continue

I swear I am having nightmares about cats. I see them everywhere. I’m starting to feel like the crazy old Cat Lady.

After the horrid last few weeks in Cat Land, and the failed attempt at catching said nightmare by Animal Control, we borrowed a little something from somebody. Okay, fine, it’s a cat trap. It was exactly like the one that the A.C. guy had showed me, the same thing I could rent from the animal shelter to catch our destructive nemesis. Why should I rent one when I can borrow one for free?

Well, last night we managed to catch Gizmo. Poor thing, I guess his curiosity got the best of him, and when we heard him meowing pitifully we ran to rescue him. We reset the trap, replaced the food that Giz had eaten, and shut Gizmo up inside the porch. He didn’t like that at all, and I heard him loudly protesting it all night long.

This morning, we looked outside, and Crazy Insano Cat was in the trap. JB was actually going to attempt to take it to the shelter himself, but the cat went all berserk when he picked up the cage. So he/she/it is still out there. I’m not going near the thing. I called Animal Control a little while ago, explained the situation, and they said they will get somebody here to pick it up today. In the meantime, I’m having to lock the kitty door to the porch again to keep another cat out, who seems to be hanging around the cage giving Crazy Insano moral support or something. I have also noticed YET ANOTHER hole in the screen. This will make the 3rd time JB is going to fix this screened porch because of this stupid cat.

I have spent the last hour struggling with myself about calling Animal Control. I know, that sounds crazy, because all I want is to not have to deal with this animal ever again. I guess my dilemma is that we do believe this cat belongs to a family across the street. I kept thinking about how my kids would feel if somebody had Gizmo picked up and taken to a shelter. But then again, Gizmo isn’t (to my knowledge) terrorizing other cats, or destroying other people’s property, or scaring the living hell out of someone’s kids. This cat is. And ultimately, this cat has become a serious problem to me, my children, and my home. It has got to go. If they aren’t willing to do something to control their pet, then I am.

*Updated* Animal Control just left. Without the stupid cat. Its fat butt went crazy when he picked up the cage, slammed its body against one of the doors to the cage, which loosened it just enough that when the guy tried to put the cage in the back of his truck, Crazy Insano busted loose and ran. A.C. guy just stared at the cage, while a thousand different expletives ran through my head. He said, well, maybe now that he’s spent a few hours in that trap, maybe he’ll be scared enough that he won’t bother you again. Yeah, thanks for that dude, but somehow, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last I have seen of this thing.

I’m so frustrated right now.


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