American Idol: Top 20, Boys Night

Michael Lynche: He sang This is a Man’s World…Not really a fan of this particular song, but he sang it well. This week showed off his voice a lot better than the Maroon 5 song last week. After all, it earned the standing O from Randy. Pedicure Just coming from the gym…sure.

John Park: He sang Gravity… Yeah, I’m still not a fan of John’s. I thought he might do well with this song, and he started out okay…but dang, he hit some strange notes tonight. Oh, of course it was better than last week, but that’s not saying much.

Casey James: He sang I Don’t Wanna Be…This has never been my favorite song. Ever. Not even when all the other contestants sang it. But I still lurve my Casey, and the fact that he plays the guitar like that just makes him even more hot. ❤

Alex Lambert: He sang Everybody Knows…I have never heard this song before. I wanna like Baby Mullet. Really, I do. But he’s making it hard to do. He still looks so uncomfortable up there. And that last note? Oy. But on the plus side, boy can play guitar…

Todrick Hall: He sang What’s Love Got To Do With It…Better than last week. I still think he’s got a great voice, he’s just not among my favorites. I guess I just don’t like how much he is changing the songs every week. And OMG, every thing Kara said I actually agreed with…that’s never happened, and will probably never happen again.

Jermaine Sellers: He sang What’s Going On…Oh, the onesie. WOW. Dinos, at that. He actually did pretty good tonight, when he wasn’t pushing it.

Andrew Garcia: He sang You Give Me Something…Another song I’ve never heard. Or maybe I have. It started sounding a little familiar halfway through. I have liked Andrew since the beginning, but tonight was not my favorite performance from him.

Aaron Kelly: He sang My Girl…But um, what was the question? I’m sorry, y’all. I just like this kid. A few pitchy notes, but he can sing!

Tim Urban: He sang Come on Get Higher…Thank you, Tim Urban, for ruining two of my most favorite songs. Blah Blah Blah. He really needs to go home.

Lee Dewyze: He sang Lips of an Angel…I liked Lee better tonight than I ever have. Might help that this was also one of my fave songs. I think this was a great song choice for him!

My Top Three: Michael, Lee, Casey

My Bottom Three: Tim, John, Todrick


One thought on “American Idol: Top 20, Boys Night

  1. I’m already starting to have a TV crush on Lee. I really hope John pulls through, I think he has potential in him. I was so unimpressed overall last night!

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