American Idol: Top 20, Girls Night

And so it continues…I’m completely underwhelmed so far by American Idol. I am clearly not hearing a lot of the same things the judges are hearing.

Crystal Bowersox: She sang Long as I Can See The Light…my hubby is the CCR fan, not me, so I’ve never heard this song before. Have no idea what it sounded like before she put her spin on it! But dang, this girl can sing! I think she is my favorite of all the girls. Hands down. (and Kara, get it straight…she didn’t sing You Oughta Know last week.)

Haeley Vaughn: She sang The Climb…Okay. She has reached a new level of annoyance for me. This has GOT to be the first time Miley Cyrus has made it to Idol, and it really should be the last, in my opinion. NOT GOOD, Dawg. Once again, she sounded half screamy and all pitchy.

Lacey Brown: She sang Kiss Me…Those puffy sleeves looked so strange! This song was better for her than last week. She did a fairly good job, and she seemed to have fun with it. I sure wish she would tone down some of that eye makeup…she has such beautiful eyes, but all that mess overpowers them. Not that it has anything to do with her singing, but still.

Katie Stevens: She sang Put Your Records On…I still think Katie has a nice voice, but sometimes she hits those deep notes and it’s just not good.

Didi Benami: She sang Lean On Me…A few iffy moments, but I personally thought she did great this week. (I’m also glad she clarified Bill Withers version…my first thought was Club Nouveau. How’s that for showing my age?) I guess I really disagreed with the judges all the way around.

Michelle Delamor: She sang With Arms Wide Open…Another unexpected song choice. Has Creed ever made it on AI? 😉 I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it. She sounded all over the place.

Lilly Scott: She sang A Change is Going to Come…She’s different. I’m still not too sure about her. She’s still in my maybe list. But the judges seem to love her.

Katelyn Epperly: She sang something by Cold Play…I tried to listen to the name of her song several times and never caught it. Finally gave up. She sang it well, great voice, but it was a little depressing.

Paige Miles: She sang Walk Away…She sang this pretty well. She’s good, just still not my fave. That high note she hit, not great.

Siobhan Magnus: She sang Think…She is so weird. It was alright, but I felt like she was screaming at me towards the end.

My Top Three: Crystal, Katelyn, Lilly

My Bottom Two: Haeley, Katie,


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