American Idol: Top 20, Results Show

Thoughts on tonight’s results show…

  • Am I the only one who either skips or fast forwards through the group numbers? They suck.
  • I loved Simon admitting that some of their compliments last night weren’t necessarily deserved. Maybe he finally heard what the rest of America was hearing?
  • Tim Urban must be this season’s Sanjaya. Can’t sing worth a crap, yet still manages to come back week after week.
  • Goodbye, John Park. You have given me confidence again, as I predicted you would be one that went home.
  • Goodbye, Jermaine Sellers. I didn’t predict you going home, but I’m not surprised…
  • Danny Gokey was great! His song had a bit of a country feel to it, at least in my opinion. Duh, after listening to him talk to Ryan, I guess that’s the way he decided to go. I’ve only heard two songs off his new CD so far. I have liked both of them, so I might just have to get this CD! Danny Gokey - My Best Days - My Best Days Are Ahead of Me
  • Okay, I didn’t care for Michelle’s Delamor’s performance last night at all, but I didn’t expect her to go home. I was really hoping it wouldn’t be Didi, because I really like her so far.
  • Goodbye, Haeley Vaughn…Hate to say that I predicted you going home, but I mean, really? Miley Cyrus for Idol? No way.

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