Leaving this town, with Daughtry!

Thanks to Amy, I discovered that a CD that I have had on my wish list for ages was on sale! I have loved Daughtry ever since Chris was on American Idol…he is one of the few contestants that I admit to frantically voting for every week! JB and I saw him in concert when he came to the Perry Fair, and that was one of the best shows I have ever been to.

So naturally, I had to immediately go download the CD and give the whole thing a listen. This one is going to be on repeat for a while, I’m sure…I love the whole thing!

Daughtry, Leave This Town
Leave This Town: Buy at Amazon!

You Don’t Belong: This song reminded me a bit of There and Back Again from Daughtry’s first CD. If you like guitars and such, you’ll like it! (Luckily, I do like that sort of thing…)

No Surprise: Even though this song has been playing on the radio for a while now, I have yet to get tired of hearing it. I just love it!

Everytime You Turn Around: This song is okay, I don’t think it will be one of my favorites though.

Life After You: LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! For some reason, the words to it make me think of my super hot husband. 😉

What I Meant To Say: I think this one is going to quickly become a favorite!

Open Up Your Eyes: I actually first heard this song on one of my Slacker stations. And yes, it quickly got a Heart Like from me. A little sad, but I love it.

September: This is another song that I first heard on Slacker a while ago. This is one of my favorites on the whole CD!

Ghost of Me: Great song! Lots of guitars and pure Daughtry vocals!

Learn My Lesson: Another one my favorites!

Supernatural: Not that it’s a bad song, but this one just didn’t sound like the rest of the CD…like it is strangely too fast or something. Not my favorite.

Tennessee Line: I heart this song!! Love it.

Call Your Name: This one surprised me! I don’t think I’ve ever heard Chris Daughtry’s voice like this before, but I like it! And although it starts off slow, it builds up so well! Another favorite.


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