Today’s open letter to FB

Okay. I will be the first to admit I have something of a little addiction to Facebook. I am not in denial about that.

I jumped on the Myspace wagon years ago, too. I had a teensy little addiction to that for a while, especially after a lot of my friends got on there. Then I found the world of Facebook, and Myspace couldn’t possibly compare to that. So eventually, I just quit using Myspace, and would only log in to that account maybe once a month or so, to keep up with the few holdout friends. In December, I finally saw that all but one of my friends there now were my friends on Facebook, so I really didn’t see the point in keeping it any longer. So bye bye, Myspace. That one holdout friend, I won’t miss him too much. Sorry, ex-BF from 7th grade.

The great thing about Facebook…I can talk to my cousins and aunts who live out of state. That right there was one reason I kept using it. In fact, I have actually gotten to know a couple cousins a lot better this way, because we never have time to chit chat at reunions for some reason. I love seeing their kids grow up through pictures, something I normally wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

Since we moved, and especially since I am not currently working, I don’t get a lot of adult conversation these days. It doesn’t help that since we moved here, I have seemingly reverted back to my slightly antisocial, very shy tendencies. I still don’t know people here, but let’s be honest, I haven’t tried either. Our next door neighbor commented one evening that we moved here in October, and he’s seen me a total of three times. Our other neighbors invited us over for dinner one night, a few weeks after we got here, and we went…but once he stepped into my personal space and hugged me after knowing me for all of two hours, it was a little weird for me. I’m not a hugger! I have talked to his wife a few times since then…seems like he’s always at work now. I walked outside to put a cover on the mailbox in December (the day I discovered we needed a new one, by the way) and the guy two doors down was outside doing yard work…he seemed so shocked to see me he fell over into his wheel barrow. In my defense, it’s been cold and rainy a lot since we got here. Yeah, that’s the ticket. 😉

Anyway. My point is, I talk to most of my friends these days via FB. I’ll pick up the phone and call too, even though I loathe talking on the phone. But running up long distance bills on a phone line we really didn’t want but had to get because my cell phone is not the most reliable here is not always an option.

So here’s my open letter to Facebook for the day…

I love you, Facebook. Even through all these ridiculous layout changes you make us endure, the insanity involved in uploading a picture to an album, the endless applications and wall postings of silly games…I put up with all of that. I really lurve your hide button. You have given me Farkle and Collapse, a sure time waster every day. I even let my son start a FB page, originally so he could play those silly games on an account other than mine, but now he is able to keep up with lots of friends back home because of you. He’s a happy boy.

But dang it. The friend suggestion box (or people you may know, whatever it’s currently called) needs some work. Thank you so much for suggesting that I reconnect with my sister-in-law. I think I have that covered though, just sayin’. I laughed when you suggested I say “Hi!” to my son on FB, because I hadn’t talked to him for a while. Really? And there are certain people you have suggested that I may know, and yes, I do know them…but that doesn’t mean I want to be FB friends with them. You have suggested I become friends with my husband’s ex-GF before me, to which I promptly said out loud, “Aw hellllll no!” I think one time clicking the x by their name should be enough, but no, you keep throwing these same people at me. I guess with each mutual friend they add, you have decided that I REALLY NEED TO ADD THEM TOO. Not happening!

This morning’s suggestion just bordered on cruel and unusual punishment, though. You suggested I add my worst nightmare as a friend. I couldn’t click that little x by the name fast enough. I have no mutual friends with this person. In fact, this person is so new to FB, they don’t even have one single friend yet. So, seriously, FB…WTF? What did I ever do to you?


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