I want to laugh, but I know I shouldn’t.

Please pardon the quality of the photo that you are about to see. It was taken with my Blackberry after midnight, I cannot be held accountable for whatever I do after midnight and especially after spending hours totally flubbing up what is supposed to be the most easy dress to make. Bah.That thing is so jacked up there’s no hope of saving it.
My daughter weirdly had a 100.4 temp last night. She acted fine, had been playing all day long, so I wondered if it was just a a fluke. Later she said her throat was scratchy, but I peeked in there and it didn’t look red at all. I gave her a lozenge and she said it was “All bettah, Mama.” She didn’t have any temp when she went to bed.
Just in case it wasn’t a fluke, I said no when she asked if she could spend the night in her bubba’s room. No point in exposing him any more than he’d already been, right? Right. And anyway, that’s something I’m trying to break them of, sleeping in each other’s rooms…they started doing that after we moved, I guess it was a comfort thing, but hello? That was 5 months ago.
They went to bed, and I returned to making the world’s most awful looking pillowcase dress. I finally got fed up with it around midnight, and started to head to bed. On my way, I stopped in her room to check on her. And found this:

Cabbage Patch

A Cabbage Patch doll in my daughter’s bed. You’ll notice that my daughter is nowhere to be found. That’s because she sneaked into her bubba’s room after I sent them to bed. And left me with this.
I’d like to say this is the first time this has happened, but it’s not. I just thought she’d learned that Mama isn’t stupid enough to mistake this doll for her. I know my daughter doesn’t have fat plastic cheeks or poodly curly hair in pigtails. And the doll doesn’t make nearly the appropriate sized hump in the covers, my dear.
She’s only 5 years old. The teenaged years are going to be the death of me, I just know it. I might have to get some bars installed on her bedroom window this very day in preparation.

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