It’s Oh So Quiet

I actually have a few posts drafted, but they aren’t done yet…and I’m in no mood to finish them at the moment. Yes, honey, your camping experience complete with pictures is one of those posts. I’ll get to it!
Diva is sick. Remember that I’m-praying-its-a-fluke temp she had Sunday night? She acted fine Monday morning, so I let her go on to school. She was fine when she got home, played like nobody’s business the rest of the day. Then she fell asleep, and woke up before dinner to come lay all over me. She felt very warm, and sure enough, her temp was 101.4. She was also complaining of a sore throat and a stomach ache.
Oh, and I have neglected to mention up to this point that I spent all day yesterday on the couch. Dizzy, lightheaded, feeling like my heart’s about the jump out of my chest…I must have checked my BP ten times during the day and it was always okay, but it sure didn’t feel like it. I dozed off and on all day. Truth is, I haven’t felt great since Saturday, but it’s not anything that I can describe without being annoyingly vague.
So after JB fiddled around in the garage yesterday evening, and fiddled around some more with the Jeep, he came in to find *gasp* no dinner on the table and wifey sprawled out on the couch. Arby’s it is then! He even played silly board and card games with both kids last night after sending me to the big giant tub that made me want to live in this house to soak. I love this man.
This morning, I wasn’t so loving when the light was flipped on…it felt like a million shards of glass shot through my eyes and straight through my head. And yes, it was just as painful as that description. I huddled down deeper under the covers and pulled the blanket over my eyes. My head was pounding, my stomach was feeling strange, and just rolling over made my head spin.
Clearly, not the best conditions to drive our daughter to the doctor’s office and try to coherently explain to said doctor what was wrong with her.
Thankfully, JB took her to the doctor this morning. The man deserves a thousand medals just for that alone, because doctor’s appointments are infinitely difficult with Diva. I have left doctor’s offices with her in near panic attacks, people. She’s. That. Bad. She has an intense fear of doctors, hospitals, and most nurses (except Mommy, thank God). He said she cut up pretty good when they did the strep test. I could picture that in my head, because she always goes insane crazy with strep and flu swabs. “Cut up pretty good” is putting it lightly, I’m sure.
The result? She does, in fact, have strep. Which means, I could quite possibly have it and/or be getting it. I would like to take this moment to thank my lovely daughter for sharing her germs, and for that big sloppy 5 year old kiss she gave me Sunday morning. Yeah.

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