American Idol: Top 16, Results Night

My thoughts on this week’s results show:

~ Because I was watching tonight’s show on live TV, I was forced to watch the cheesy group number. I love me some Michael Buble, and this wasn’t *terrible* but still not what I wanted to see!

~ I’m not happy that Katelyn is going home. I was really starting to like her.

~ So long, Todrick. You did great last night, but I think you’re more suited for theater!

~ Um. Matt Giraud’s hair? No. Sorry, Matt and Scott…I couldn’t wait for that to end.

~ Sorry, Baby Mullet Alex. You never really grew on me, but between you and Andrew this week, I thought you should have stayed.

~ LILLY goes home instead of Katie? I’m shocked. I definitely didn’t see that coming.


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