It’s no longer so quiet

When we last left off, Diva had gone to the doctor. After acting all kinds of bad, the result of that lovely little swab was that she had strep. Be warned, the rest of this post might not be for the faint of heart, the weak of stomachs, the…oh whatever. Just know I warned you.

Tuesday, Diva and I mostly just hung out at the house. She didn’t run any fever, we got her antibiotics started, and things were cool. During the day, I noticed she had a bumpy rash on her back and stomach mostly, but didn’t get too concerned because she’s had scarlet fever before and it wasn’t a real issue. That night, she ran a low grade temp of 100.6. So I decided to keep her home another day from school, and didn’t worry too much about it since her doctor’s excuse was giving her until Thursday to go back anyway.

Wednesday morning, she quietly watched TV and played until I woke up around 8 am. (She is notoriously an early bird) We got breakfast, and she didn’t eat much at all. My girl can tear up a bowl of grits, but she hardly touched them. Quick temp check showed 100.8. So in went the Motrin and antibiotic, and a couple hours later, the Tylenol.Temp came down nicely, and all was well.

Obviously, with me being sickish and not being able to go too many places with her being sick, the grocery store was not high on my list of priorities. As a result, there was no bread to make sandwiches, not much in the freezer, and JB had taken the leftovers to work with him. She wanted chicken nuggets, so we took a quick trip to McD’s. We got the same thing, chicken nuggets and fries.

Maybe an hour or so after lunch, she said her stomach hurt. Truth be told, mine did too. But that was it. She continued with her low grade temp up and down. She fell asleep around 4 or so, and didn’t want much to do with dinner after she woke up. I didn’t push. Now I’m so glad I didn’t push her to eat.

She had yet another low temp so I was trying to coax her into taking some Tylenol and her antibiotic. Dude. She took one swig of the Tylenol and every damn thing she had eaten the whole freakin’ day came right back up.

Yes, I am a nurse. Yes, I am a mom. I can take a lot of things, but I don’t do vomiting. Oh heave. Thankfully, JB jumped up and took over. I got her cleaned up while he um, cleaned everything else up. She said she felt better, and finished the Tylenol and antibiotic about 20 minutes later. We all went to bed, everything was peachy. Kinda.

Around 4 am, I woke up to JB jumping out of the bed. Diva was crying in her room. She’d had an accident of a totally different sort in her bed. When I looked in her room, I saw that her sheets had already been changed, so I realized this wasn’t JB’s first time getting up with her, I had somehow slept through the first time. We got that all cleaned up, JB went back to bed, she managed to eat some toast and a little yogurt, and she laid back down. I stayed up and went to check on her ever so often, when she wasn’t getting up and running to the bathroom. Around 6, I went to get Monkey and JB up, and checked on her too…temp was 100.8. So I got her to take some Motrin.

No sooner had she swallowed the Motrin, she threw up again. ALL OVER ME. Horror of horrors, gag of gags. And I was wearing JB’s robe, I’m sure he was really thrilled to see that. For some reason, we sleepily reversed the Vomit Patrol roles…I should have known I couldn’t clean that mess up without potentially adding to it. So we quickly switched back to normal and I cleaned her up as well as the teddy bear she managed to hit and was freaking out about.

So our washing machine has been running on overtime since 4 am this morning, and I’m still not done. Two sets of sheets, a couple blankets, towels and washcloths, the bathroom rug, and I still need to get the clothes that have been messed up going.

JB has gone back to try to sleep a bit, and he said he will take her back to the doctor while I get the place de-vomited. I’m getting the feeling we are no longer dealing with just strep anymore..

*Edited to Add* So Diva has a stomach virus, on top of having strep. The continuous low grade fevers make more sense to me now. So does all the um, other stuff. So she came home with a new prescription for Zofran, which seems to have helped. She’s mostly slept today. And let off noxious gases that made me want to run from the room…but she’s still my baby girl and I stuck around and tolerated it.


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