Crash, Boom, Bam!

Thursday evening, JB and I were watching TV in the living room when we heard a crashing noise from the back of the house. This was immediately followed by our son letting out a big scream and running into the hallway. His face told us that he was thoroughly freaked out by whatever had happened. This is what we found:

Glass. Everywhere. All over the floor, his desk chair, and in his bed. He had been sitting in that chair just a couple minutes before the light fixture cover just randomly fell. He had only gotten up to get a new colored pencil for the picture he was drawing at his desk! I really hate to think what we would have walked into if he hadn’t gotten out of that chair.

The crazy thing is, there was still glass up there around the lights…it was still screwed in! When JB got up there to get the glass shards out, the part that was holding the cover up was broken in half. Just to be on the safe side, he went ahead and took the covers off Diva’s lights and the ones in our bedroom; they weren’t like that. So we were left with this in every bedroom:

Those light covers were not something I was a fan of, anyway. They were already on our long list of things to replace/update in this house. We have always believed that there were originally ceiling fans in the bedrooms, because each room has the double switches, and I mean, really…who on earth still has those square 1970s light covers anymore? We already know that the man who lived here before us was a crap handyman, he took the shower heads out and left us with rusty messes (we probably would have replaced those anyway, we are weird about our shower heads!) and a host of other problems, including cat central. He is not my favorite person. It would not surprise me if he truly did take the ceiling fans down before we bought the house, and replaced them with those covers. It also would not surprise me in the least if that piece holding Monkey’s cover in place was already broken and he put it up there anyway. I don’t *know* that, of course, but judging from other issues in this house, I wouldn’t put it past him.

So Saturday morning, we went to Lowe’s to pick out new fans. We have really missed having ceiling fans in the bedrooms, JB is hot natured and ends up throwing the covers off all during the night, which means I wake up freezing…and Monkey likes to rest under a fan when he gets one of his migraines. Our goal was to find a fan that looked nice, but wasn’t expensive. (We know we don’t want to be in this house any longer than possible, so our updates are going to be relatively inexpensive. No point pouring money into a house we can’t stand.) We managed to find this one, and it was only $70. Score! We bought one, just to see how we liked it in the room, and then we’ll get two more later. (And it’s in our bedroom, because duh, kids rooms were disaster areas by the time we bought the fan. Pardon my no curtained room…still trying to figure out what I want to do in there.)

This will definitely come in handy when summer gets here!


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