The Mother of All Projects

About two weeks ago, our son came home with a paper detailing an upcoming project due on March 16th. I signed the form stating that I was aware of the project and sent it back to school the next day.
The project was “Be a Park Ranger!” Basically, he had to choose a state park in Georgia, and make a booklet of sorts for the park, about which habitat and region it is located, the types of plants and animals that are found there, and any threats or dangers to that environment.
After a couple days, he and his dad came up with Reed Bingham…they went on a Cub Scout camping trip there in the spring of 2008. Plus, they figured that maybe a bunch of kids were doing their projects on the state parks around here, so his could be a little different.
He needed four animals, four plants, and at least four pages.
During the first week, JB and Monkey looked around on the computer for the park information, and then I helped him look for pictures. The idea was that he would help him get the basics and then I would help him get it put together.
Yeah. Um, all I got to say is, I better get a good grade on this sucker.
We really didn’t work on it much last week because of Diva and me being sick. I thought we’d be okay, since we’d have the weekend to get it done.
HA. This dang project took up the majority of Saturday AND Sunday. I spent Saturday adding to and correcting the information he found. Sunday I was still doing that to the pieces I let him go for on his own…the stuff he wrote made zero sense. My perfectionist self would not allow him to turn in a crappy book!
We ended up clipping notebook paper under printer paper, and letting him do his writing on that…every time we let him try to write directly on the project page, he thought he had to use miniscule handwriting with 1 millimeter between lines of words, and it would slant down the page. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but we just cut those papers out and glued them to the project page.
There was a LOT of frustration and tears that went into this project. Also, a lot of Advil went into it! But it looks good, I can live with it. He has to present it to his class tomorrow, so I’m going to let him do a practice run with it tonight.

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