American Idol: Rolling Stones

I am a Rolling Stones fan, so I watched this show just hoping these people wouldn’t totally ruin the Stones! I am so glad they are down to just 2 nights a week now…I was getting tired of watching AI three nights in a row. This season just isn’t all that exciting to me…I feel like, with a few exceptions, I’m just trying to see who sucks less. And the judges and me? Yeah, we ain’t jiving anymore.

Michael Lynche: He sang Miss You…I wasn’t too crazy about the dancing and the very high notes, but I kinda liked his R&B spin on the song. And Ryan tripped me out: “I knew if he came after me, you’d back me up.”

Didi Benami: She sang Play With Fire…I have been a fan of hers from the beginning. She didn’t disappoint me tonight! There were a few slightly pitchy moments, but overall I liked it.

Casey James: He sang It’s All Over Now…Once again, I just love this man. Not my favorite song of his, but it was good. And I *loved* Ellen’s comment!

Lacey Brown: She sang Ruby Tuesday…That last note was a little off! She sang well tonight. I like Lacey.

Andrew Garcia: He sang Gimme Shelter…To me, this was just freaking painful. Can I just say that Kara is full of *&$#? Ugh, I don’t like her. Oh, not a fan of Andrew, either…

Katie Stevens: She sang Wild Horses…I love this song, I don’t like Katie, so I was very worried she would totally ruin it for me. I can’t say that I liked it much, but they were right…she was better this week than she’s been.

Tim Urban: He sang Under My Thumb…Do you have any idea how much it’s killing me that I feel like I need to slowly start taking back all the crap I gave Tim Urban? He’s not sucking lately. I kinda liked the reggae vibe. Maybe it was just me. He reminded me of Jason Mraz tonight.

Siobhan Magnus: She sang Paint It Black….Um. She is so weird. I didn’t care for this. And those screaming notes are just wrong. And unnatural. I was thinking the whole time I like Adam Lambert’s version better from last year. Again, maybe it was just me, obviously I didn’t hear the same thing the judges heard.

Lee Dewyze: He sang Beast of Burden…He’s getting right on up there with Casey James for me. I’m really loving him lately!

Paige Miles: She sang Honky Tonk Woman…Much better than last week. I think she will get to stick around another week. And dude, she had laryngitis?? Couldn’t tell.

Aaron Kelly: He sang Angie…I really like Aaron, I think he has a beautiful voice. But I have to admit, this song bored me.

Crystal Bowersox: She sang You Can’t Always Get What You Want…She’s my favorite of the entire show. Hands down.

My Top Two: Crystal, Didi
My Bottom Two: Andrew, and even though I know I’m in the minority, Siobhan.

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