American Idol: Rolling Stones Night, Results Show

My thoughts on tonight’s result show…

  • David Cook! I’ve missed him. He is all kinds of awesome.
  • Immediately after Cookie started singing, I got a text message from a friend back home…during his season, we always sent texts back and forth about how much we loved Cookie.
  • Dude, those were some fugly cars. I didn’t even know they still made Ford Fiestas.
  • Huh? I didn’t think Paige would be in the bottom three.
  • Randy: “You know, when he just uhhhhhhh….”
  • Tim in the bottom three. A couple weeks ago, I’d have been jumping up with joy about this. But I personally enjoyed Tim’s performance last night. I feel weird saying this, but I’m glad he was sent back to the chairs.
  • Orianthi or whatever she’s called…not really a fan of that song on the radio, even less so live.
  • What the heck was that whitish thing behind Ryan on the background? That was so distracting to me…lol So was the gargantuan flower attached to Lacey’s head.
  • Lacey in the bottom three. I guess I suck as a judge. I wouldn’t have put any of those three in the bottom!
  • OMG. Kesha. Thank you for yet another ridiculous song that will be stuck in my head. I still haven’t gotten Tik Tok out. Disturbing on junior GaGa levels…
  • JB said after Kesha’s song: “I bet Paige and Lacey are thinking, *I’m* getting voted off the show and *she* has a career??”
  • Aw. I liked Lacey. I knew they wouldn’t use the save…it’s too early. I can’t wait to see what she does after this.

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