Everybody’s Irish on March 17th, right?

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I’d always heard that Savannah was pretty big on St. Patrick’s Day. My only real memory of that was when I was in the 8th grade, my Georgia History class took a field trip to Savannah…right in the middle of St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Many, many years later, the only thing ANY of us remember from that trip was our crazy teacher dragging us all across the road…and right through the middle of the dang parade! Instant mortification. No lie, when the news broke that we were moving here last summer, ten people said something along the lines of “Hey, do you remember when Mr. Carson stopped the parade to take us across the road?”

I laughed like the mad hatter when I looked through the kids school calendar after they started here in October. No school for St. Patrick’s Day? Okay…kinda awesome, I thought, but I figured it was just the way the days fell or something. But no, they are apparently ALWAYS out that day. A couple weeks later, JB came home and said he didn’t have to work on St. Patrick’s Day. Alrighty then.

It was maybe a month ago when I started seeing green everywhere I looked. T-shirts, beads, crazy hats, you name it…it was literally all over the place. Even then, I guess I still didn’t ‘get it’.

Then they chose the Grand Marshal of the parade. Where I come from, parades don’t usually have Grand Marshals! It seemed like every night there was something about him on the newscasts. All this week, I have heard so much about the holiday that I was starting to get a little tired of it!

People started coming to the city in droves this past weekend. I saw web cams in City Market that just floored me. They made a huge production of ‘greening the fountains’…which I would actually have loved to see, since I have something of an obsession with the fountains! But alas, a kid getting strep and a stomach virus in the same week puts a damper on things.

We had made plans to at least go to the parade, this being our first year living here. I was excited, but still a bit nervous…I didn’t know what the best place to be was, where to park, anything. Plus, outings like this with Diva are always a little stressful…if she’s having a good day, it will be the best day ever, but if its a bad day for her, she can quickly turn it into a living nightmare for all parties involved.

Well. I’d say the choice was made for us sometime during the night. I coughed and hacked all night long, and woke up feeling like a truck had hit me. And JB? Yeah, he managed to catch the stomach virus that Diva had. No parade for us this year. 😦

My son and I did watch it live on TV this morning, although we switched channels after an hour because the first channel we were watching seemed to skip half the stuff and talk to people instead of showing the actual parade. I checked on JB ever so often, (and tried not to cringe when I found him once sleeping ON MY PILLOW. OMG.)

It looked like fun, and I wish we could have been there. Oh well. There’s always next year, right?


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