Drama in my ‘hood

If you follow me on Twitter, then perhaps you saw a few tweets from me late last night/early this morning concerning me ‘freaking the eff out’.

(And yeah, that’s what I said online…what was actually coming out of my mouth was the real deal Holyfield. I try to keep it clean on Twitter and my blog, because I know not everybody cares to read that stuff…but in reality, that’s not always the case. It’s a character flaw that I have tried to fix, but I always fail. See: The Same Freakin’ New Years Resolution that I never keep after the first week. Ha.)

Here’s the story:

We went to bed about 10:30 pm. I took some Nyquil in hopes that I would actually manage to sleep without coughing and hacking all night long, again. I kept the lamp on and read for a while. Around 11 pm, both of us shot straight up in the bed because we heard a man’s voice, and it sounded like it was right outside our window! JB got up and looked around, it definitely wasn’t kids or TV’s, and he didn’t see anything. He came back inside, dozed off, and I continued to read because I was a little too paranoid to go right to sleep. I didn’t hear anything else.

Then about 11:45 pm, we heard a loud POP sound (JB said he actually heard four pops close together) and a huge flash of bright light outside our window. (JB didn’t see that because his eyes were closed, but I was still up reading.) We both just sat there for a moment, and then JB jumped up, yanked on his jeans and shoes and ran outside.

I love the man dearly, but I was thinking that was the stupidest thing ever. We just heard possible gunshots and you run outside looking for somebody with a flashlight? Awesome idea. I grabbed the phone, read to call 911 if somebody tried to shoot my husband, and a pair of scissors. Ha. I wasn’t thinking clearly, y’all! Anyway, while I was begging him to come inside, I noticed that none of the other neighbors around us seemed to be phased by all of this. No lights were coming on, nobody was walking around. Either they weren’t dumb enough to go traipsing around in the dark or we were insane and were the only ones who heard the noise. I really wasn’t sure which…by now the Nyquil was really working on me.

I guess he was willing to let it go with his flashlight search of the property…but after I huffed and puffed and said that I would never be able to sleep after all that, he called the police. A county sheriff’s car pulled up less than 5 minutes later, and we told them the whole story. They said that ours was the second call about the same thing they had gotten, so some folks across the highway on another street heard it too. So we weren’t crazy! The deputy told us they suspected the shots were coming from some the area of homes located on the other side of the woods behind our house. He also told us that last weekend, they arrested somebody who was driving an SUV all over the county randomly firing shots. Ooookay, I didn’t hear about that, but OMG! Probably not related but interesting to know, all the same.

We went back to bed, but I was still WIDE awake. The combination of Nyquil plus paranoia is not good, let me tell you! I was crazy jumpy. I kept thinking I heard voices, and finally jumped out of the bed and opened the window…and sure enough I did hear voices. Then my husband, who was thinking I had gone completely insane by this time, pointed out the voices were coming from the deputies, there were now two cars patrolling the neighborhood, and they were stopped and talking. So I sheepishly got back in the bed. It was still a LONG time before I managed to get to sleep though.

The thought did occur to me that perhaps this was a case of some St. Patty’s Day partiers who wanted to keep on partying. And that’s okay, JUST NOT AROUND MY HOUSE! Fool just didn’t know, if he’d have woken up my kids, my crazy self probably would have chased him down, me and my scissors!


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