It’s only for a little while, right?

I don’t pretend to know exactly why, I’m still claiming newbie ignorance on this mess…but apparently, the hookup to my internet addiction electrical system in our county is in need of upgrading.

About a month ago, I saw on the newspaper’s website (because who has time to subscribe and read an actual paper when it is right there on the interwebs) that the next round of power outages would be occurring in certain parts of the county.

Next round of power outages. I read that, and I thought to myself, “Self…when did the previous round of power outages take place?” Self didn’t know either. So I was still completely in the dark, and because I’m still being antisocial and don’t know people here, I didn’t ask anybody.

Now let me be perfectly honest with you…I SUCK at geography, and I am the most directionally challenged person you will ever know. When we have bad weather watches and warnings, and they flash the counties affected map on the TV screen? Yeah, I still couldn’t tell you which one I’m in on there. I have to Google that chiz. You think I jest. I do not jest.

Why do my geographic skills and directional challenges matter right now? Because they were posting street names, and highways, and subdivisions, and neighborhoods to let smarter people than me know when their scheduled power outages would be. I don’t know where half these places are in relation to where I am! They said the power company would be sending cards to let us know as well, and even though I kept asking JB, I was told we hadn’t gotten one yet. Which really meant, Go look for it yourself it’s probably in that huge stack of crap on the end table.

So last week, I saw the announcement. And maybe they knew they were dealing with people like me, they actually posted my particular street. Awesome.

Not so awesome? The reason this mess has stressed me out so is that the power outage starts at 9 am and can last up to 8 hours. Oh.Em.Gee. What the crap am I supposed to do for that long?

Anyway. Our scheduled power outage is tomorrow. I still don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but it will drive me bananas to stay here all day. I could go shopping with money I don’t have. I could go see a movie. Not sure yet. I’ll have to be back here at 3:15 to meet the kids after school, and after that I’m sure I can just hang out in the hammock while they play outside, assuming Mother Nature stops being bipolar and gives me a nice day to work with.

I’m already feeling the shakes and tremors of going all day without my laptop and the internets.


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