A Day at the Movies: Alice in Wonderland, 3D

Since waaaaayyyy before this movie started showing, my daughter has been bugging us to go see it. She doesn’t tend to gravitate towards movies like her big brother does, so the simple fact that she repeatedly wanted to see “Alex in Wahndaland” was really saying something.

I have several pictures on my cell phone of her in front of the movie posters at the theater, she just had to have a picture every time we saw one.

Sunday, we all finally felt well enough to leave the house. And that was something we needed to do desperately! So we decided to finally go see Alice in Wonderland..3D, of course.

Why is every movie all of a sudden in 3D? I mean, really, it cost us $41 to see a matinee of this movie. And those glasses? Not fashionable, at all.

It was a very good movie. Definitely a Tim Burton show! You might wonder why I didn’t find a poster of Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter character to use in this post, since we all know I love and adore him so much? Well, quite frankly, the way he looks in this movie freaks me out a little. What? Just being honest.

The Red Queen was awesome. I know, it’s weird for me to say that…but she was! I like a warm pig belly for my aching feet too, so I completely identified with her.

The White Queen, played by Anne Hathaway, seemed the most funny to me. She was Anne’s normal shade of uber pale, just with scary dark lipstick. I think that I shall walk around from here on out with my hands up the way she does the entire movie. After all, I gave birth to a Princess, so doesn’t that make me a Queen?

And, as a loyal Harry Potter geek, I was totally excited that the blue caterpillar was Severus Snape. My husband didn’t find this nearly as funny as I did.

My Favorite Quotes/Lines:

  • The Mad Hatter: [to Alice] You used to be much more…”muchier.” You’ve lost your muchness.
  • Alice Kingsley: How’s *this* for muchness?
  • Alice Kingsley: Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
  • The Mad Hatter: When that day comes I shall futterwagon… vigorously.
  • The Red Queen: Off with their heads! (I mean, seriously, how could I not include this one?)

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