Don't let the door hit you on the way out

This morning, after suffering through a massive headache behind my left eye  for almost three whole days, I finally broke down and took one of my migraine pills. I figured there was no sense in killing my liver by continuing to down a huge amount of ibuprofen around the clock if it was clearly NOT working.
Why didn’t I take the big gun medicine until this morning? Well, for starters…that mess is expensive. It’s no longer a preferred medication on our insurance, and I only get 9 of them. I take them sparingly! All the other crap that is “preferred” by the insurance company, unfortunately, make me sicker than the dang migraines do.
The other reason I hadn’t taken it before today is that I can’t stand the way it makes me feel. I already have high blood pressure (awesome genetics Mom, thanks), and though it is controlled, it raises my BP a bit when I take it. Let’s not forget the sudden and overwhelming urge to sleep, and then there’s always the sluggish, hungover feeling after the headache is gone. Woo hoo…
But this morning, I was beyond tired of the headache. I felt like it was more sinus, and there is currently so much pollen laying on everything here I’m surprised I’m breathing normally at all. I just couldn’t imagine suffering through yet another day with it.
I took it as soon as the kids left for school, and then ate breakfast. Within an hour I was so freaking sleepy I couldn’t hold my eyes open, so I laid down. I woke up two hours later, blissfully pain free…just hungover!
Right now, I am still okay…but I’m feeling it creeping back in. NOOOOOO!

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