Goodbye Neon Green

I spent the majority of yesterday in my kids’ rooms. I started with my son’s room first, because, silly me, I thought it would be the easier one to get done.

Boy, was I wrong! I found so many CD’s, movies, and games just laying around in random places, without cases. I would eventually find the empty cases in strange places, like under his bed, in his toybox, in a bag on the top shelf of his closet…it’s like the boy calculates where to hide the dang things. This has been on ongoing issue with him, and he already lost the right to keep “his” movies in his room. I guess the one movie at a time rule gets broken when they sneak movies to their rooms. I think I’m taking all the PS2 games out too. We are going to be working on Mama’s Library Checkout System from here on out. I spent about two hours in his room.

Then I got some lunch, more caffeine, and headed for my daughter’s room. This kid has more crap than a Toys R Us store. I.KID.YOU.NOT. And most of the time, she feels the need to have all of her crap right in the middle of her floor. You walk in there at your own risk, I’m serious! A lot of mornings, we will make her walk over to us at the door and hand her the clothes for school…I’m not normally alert enough to pick and choose my way through the mess. The child has like 50 Barbie Dolls, all of them in various stages of half naked, and rarely ever put in their case. She has the doll clothes they came dressed in, and then, JOY OF JOYS, her grandmother gave her a whole bunch of doll clothes for Christmas. I thought it was only right that she got to spend two hours dressing and undressing every single doll Diva owned that day, as cosmic payback. Let’s not even get into all the tiny pieces of whatever associated with the Barbie shower, the Barbie vanity, and the Barbie kitchen! OhEmGee. And although I knew my daughter was becoming a little card shark in her young age, I had no idea it extended beyond Go Fish and Old Maid. Who has been giving her all these stinkin’ card games?? Dress up clothes, play dishes and food, hairbows, ribbons, jewelry (some fake and some that should not be out of her jewelry box IN MY ROOM)…all of it, just laying around. Oh, and I found half her closet stuffed under her bed. Awesome. With a capital A.

Anyway. I spent another two hours in her room, and eventually had to stop to go make dinner before JB got home. After dinner, I went in to finish her room, and he went in to lower the shelf in Monkey’s closet. Because not only could the kid not reach it, neither could his vertically challenged Mama. There was much drama involved in that.

While he was cussing the previous homeowner/builder/whoever the heck put the shelf up, I grabbed the container of spackle and got busy doing that in Diva’s room. There were so many freakin’ holes in her walls, it was ridiculous. I’m convinced the people who lived here before just randomly hung things, there was no rhyme or reason to any of it. Holes here, holes there, one here, three there. I don’t know why that surprises me…the people who lived here before us randomly did everything, apparently. (As well as half did everything.) I have learned to prepare myself for something stupid every time I hear my husband say, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me.” when he’s doing something home improvement related.

Today’s job: Make the NEON GREEN walls in my daughter’s room go bye bye. I’m at least going to get the primer done today, and maybe pink paint like she wants tomorrow. Then Thursday, I hope to be able to get her room back together, and then paint Monkey’s nightstand and dresser. Friday, I would love to be able to go get her some curtains to match her room, but I’m not sure if I want pink or black yet…I’m leaning to black, because her walls are already going to be pink. I’m already worried about the Pepto effect too. lol

Enough chatter. I have work to do!


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