Getting to Know ME

I saw this meme on another blog yesterday (though I can’t remember where), and thought it sounded like fun. And I kinda want to talk about something other than paint. lol


1 – Why did you start blogging?

Honestly, I don’t remember…it’s been so long ago! I’ve been doing this since 2001. I guess I just felt the need to write about what was floating around in my head. I’ve stopped for a while, a couple times, but always wound up missing it.

2 – Who’s the one blog friend that you would want to meet most in “real life”? No clue! I tend to be a little gunshy about meeting new people.
3 – Why are you always concerned with losing that “extra 10 pounds” when chances are your husband/boyfriend/friends tell you that you look just fine the way you are? Because…when you are only 5’1 with good shoes, 10 pounds can look like 20. Not to mention, I always know when I need to drop a few pounds when I start getting reflux when I drink water. Seriously.
4 – What’s the one thing you wish guys could understand about you? That I’m really not a stuck up witch. Gah, I have NO idea why I’ve been labeled that way for so long.
5 – Tattoos. How many do you have and how many are visible when you wear your “everyday” clothes? I have zero. I just have this thing: What the heck is it going to look like when I’m 80 years old??
6 – What was the best year of your life and why? Honestly…with all the drama, moving, life changing events that have taken place, this past year was the best ever. Close second would be the year before this one. I found my best friend again, in my husband, after almost walking away from him. Life is just plain good now.
7 – Name three things you would do if you were a man for one day. Wash a load of laundry (the right way), clean up the mess off the sink after shaving, and tell my wife she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me.  hint hint JB.
8 – What’s your alcoholic drink of choice that usually raises a few eyebrows? Eh, I really don’t drink much. My favorite wine isn’t too big a deal, but I love me a Smirnoff Triple Black.


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