I’m being taken over by the fear

I am going to make a confession: I am extremely terrified of bridges.

Not little bitty short bridges that cross streams. HUGE bridges, especially those that go over large bodies of water.

I honestly have no idea why I am so scared of them. JB didn’t even know I had this somewhat irrational fear until after we got married, when we drove over the Talmadge Bridge in Savannah during our honeymoon. (Ironic that we now live here, no?) I shut my eyes so tightly they hurt, and I was holding on for dear life to the dashboard. He laughed at first, and then he realized that I wasn’t kidding. I actually have dozens of pictures of Talmadge that I have taken over the years. Love to look at it, just hate to be on it.

When my BFF Mel and I were on our way to Panama City Beach a couple years ago, to meet the girls for our “Girls Only” “Nurses Gone Wild” beach trip, I completely forgot that we’d have to cross a big old bridge to get there. There was no time to switch drivers, so I had to drive over that thing. Mel told me later that I was white knuckling the steering wheel and breathing heavy. All I know was that I was probably seconds away from a panic attack, which would NOT have been good at that particular moment. Needless to say, she drove that leg of the trip on the way home.

But the worst one ever? The Buckman Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida. I know there are probably longer and crazier bridges in the world than this, but it is the worst one I’ve ever been on. Oh, it was horrible. It just kept going and going and going! It literally felt, to me, like we were never going to get to the other end of this bridge. And then it curved. Dear Lord in Heaven, help me.

It’s really too bad that JB has family in Jax, because I will not go visit them anymore simply because his aunts are evil incarnate of this bridge. I ain’t kidding, y’all.

I will admit that I am slightly better about dealing with the bridges. Where I used to go full on panic attack crazy, now I just close my eyes and focus on my breathing until I feel like we are off the bridge. Which really sucks if you happen to be a passenger in the car I’m driving.

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