Let’s Play Ball!

Since moving here in October, we are still discovering things to do! We have even made the decision that, as far as vacations go this year, JB is just taking a week off work, and we’ll just do stuff around the city that we have yet to do. There’s still SO much. We haven’t even made it to the beach yet!

Back home, the city that we both worked in constantly tried to get a minor league baseball team to play there. And they did, but the teams never stuck around very long. But honestly, I was never all that interested in going, even if I had the time, thanks to my insane work schedule. JB made a comment last night that we do so much more activities now as a family than we have ever done…I think that is because I’m not having to attempt to plan things around work and I’m not always exhausted, playing catch up on the housework when I’m home.

Anyway, we had been seeing advertisements for the Sand Gnats baseball team for a while. I was trying to think of something to get us all out for the weekend, so I looked them up online, checked the schedule (and tickets), and sent JB an email about it. Next thing ya know, we had 4 tickets to Saturday night’s game.

Naturally, we had to hold it over Diva‘s the kids’ heads: Behave or we’re not going! We knew full well we would go, because me and JB were excited about it. Yeah, I know. We’re evil. Whatever. With the exception of one incident where I almost lost my mind when I just happened to walk by the bathroom and see Diva smearing crap on the cabinet (OMG). I almost had a coronary I got so mad.

We decided to go early to check the place out. That, and neither of us really knew where we were going. JB had an idea, but as usual, I was clueless. We drove around the stadium/park twice before he asked somebody where we were supposed to park (yeah, we were way off.) We let Monkey choose the seats (big mistake)…and he chose to sit on the first bleachers directly in front of first base. When game time got closer, we started realizing how big a mistake this was, as we were subject to the constant stream of people walking in front of us. But it wasn’t until two men with several extremely unruly children sat directly behind us a few innings into the game that we decided to move. There’s only so much you can take until the bleacher shaking, back hitting, obnoxiously loud talking for no reason, and not controlling your irritating children become too much. One kid actually pulled my hair! JB was trying to talk to me a couple times, and I could see his mouth moving, but could not hear a word he said over the jerk sitting behind him (he literally never shut up).  I loudly said, in my best bitchy tone, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” That got me a big glare. So we picked up and moved. Where we ended up was much higher in the stands, but we could see everything better and the surrounding people were much nicer. I could see our original seats, and saw a couple people sit there. They’d last an inning or so before they got up and moved. So it probably wasn’t just us that were irritated by those people.

We were much happier then and could actually enjoy the game! And it was a great game. The Sand Gnats won, and we all had a blast. Before the game, one of the players (although I’m not sure which one) gave Monkey a baseball he’d been practicing with…which made my boy very, very happy! We will definitely be going to more games.

I do have to say though…I was a little mystified at the choices of music played during the game. Yeah, I get the players songs, to a degree. But Backstreet Boys? Ricky Martin? Miley Cyrus? I will give ya the NSYNC song, because it was pretty cool to see the mascot and the boys out there on the field dancing to it. But that’s it! lol

At the Game
Monkey Got the Ball
Me and my Diva
My Loves


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