Die Yellow Plague!

Let me just begin this by saying that I’m really tired of hearing how bad the pollen season is this year and the myriad of reasons why it’s happening.

I don’t really need anyone to tell me how bad it is. I’m LIVING it. Every day. Granted, the days are all starting to run together now because I tend to stay doped up on antihistamines…

I have had seasonal allergies all my life, so to an extent, I’m used to the Spring sneezes and sniffles. But until now, just taking a simple Claritin or a Zyrtec was sufficient to get me through it. My husband, however, had major problems with allergies and sinus issues, and kept sinus infections constantly…which in part, led to him having surgery two years ago to fix the problem. (And I threatened to divorce him because of the LOUDEST SNORING EVER.)

Then we move to Coastal GA. Spring finally arrives. JB is fine. I am practically dying. For some reason, we totally flip flopped, and I’m not too happy about it! When we went home for the Easter weekend, though, I was fine and he was having problems. So maybe the pollen here is somehow different than what I was used to? I thought I was just being silly thinking that until my friend and her husband were visiting the city last week, and when we all went out to dinner, she said as soon as she got in town her allergies went haywire. So maybe I’m not crazy after all. It’s nice to have a little validation.

For the last three days, I’d been able to walk around outside and feel fine. So I didn’t think much of walking outside yesterday to move my Durango so Monkey could have the whole driveway to ride his bike around in. An hour later, though, my head hurt, my eyes were watering, I was sneezing every few minutes, and just plain miserable. Then JB told me that he’d heard there was some sort of pollen spike between 2 and 5 pm yesterday. Wanna guess what time I went out to move the truck? 4 pm. Yeah, that’s just my stinkin’ luck. Awesome.

I looked around online this morning, and found that the typical pollen season peaks in March, and can last until early July. OhEmGee. I seriously hope I don’t have to deal with this crap until July. I don’t think JB would like it much if I said I was going to live with my parents all Spring to avoid the yellow plague of death…


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