Apron Strings

My 33rd 29th birthday is this Sunday.

I really thought that I wouldn’t be getting anything at all for my birthday this year, and that was fine with me…I just got my Kindle in January, and I said that could be my Valentines, birthday and Mother’s Day gifts 😉

I had said recently that I really needed an apron. Now that I am finally cooking more often, I’m noticing a little problem. I have ruined more shirts than ever because I am a little messy when I cook. (JB likes to say that I can’t seem to keep my boobs out of the way. That usually gets him a big smack in the head.)

So he was looking around Kitchenware Outfitters recently (no idea what he was doing there, but I’m not complaining) and found this apron. I think it just called to him or something…because he knew I needed an apron, and it was all girly pink and green polka dots and stripes. The funny thing is, I have a set of stationary that I got for my birthday last year from a friend that matches it almost perfectly.

Some might think it strange that my husband is giving me an apron for my birthday. But really, I’m so in love with it! Maybe because I wasn’t expecting anything at all, maybe because it’s something I actually need…whatever the reason, it rocks 😉



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