Weekly Wrap Up: Drama

This was one crazy week, and I’m very glad it is coming to an end! In case you missed anything, I’ll link back up to the posts I’m talking about 🙂 I’m doing this on Saturday, because I’m going to be a little busy turning 29 again tomorrow.

  • JB laughed at me so much Monday night because of my “It’s All About MEme” post. He’s using every chance he gets to throw “I know, right?” at me. Often at very random times. Maybe I should tell him it’s my phrase, it doesn’t sound good when he says it…
  • Technically, it happened last week, but because I am a slacker didn’t get the pics off the camera right away, the post came this week so I’m including it! It’s my blog, and I can do that. We went to our first Sand Gnats baseball game. We had so much fun, and definitely plan to go to more games throughout the season.
  • Both JB and me have been having trouble sleeping this week, and having some off the wall dreams. He will totally kill me for writing this, but he cracked me up telling me his: killer radioactive baseballs, a tiny baby snake biting him on the forehead, and then he shut up because I was oxygen deprived laughing. Even funnier? One day, he noticed two itty bitty red dots on his hand and was trying to convince me that it was a tiny baby snake that put them there.
  • JB told me to pick stripes or polka dots one night after dinner. I played along, and said POLKA DOTS! Then he went and got my birthday present out of his Jeep. (No clue what he would have done if I’d have said STRIPES instead.) He found me the cutest, most girly apron ever! I love it. It makes me feel like a real cook and all, until I burn something else…
  • This week with Diva sucked BIG TIME. This kid (and Kindergarten) is likely gonna be the death of me. Thursday night, she discovered the quickest way to open a jar of spaghetti sauce was to drop it on a tile floor. Granted, she didn’t do it on purpose, but man there was some drama up in my kitchen after that! Then last night, family movie night, as she called it…she was tossing her pillow around and knocked over JB’s full glass of tea, all over the coffee table, floor, picture frame, and Kindle case. Thank God for that Kindle case, because Mama would have had a heart attack if it had gotten on her Kindle. We’re kinda tired of cleaning up messes this week.
  • I have spent far too much time in tears this week. That really sucks.
  • In case you missed Monkey’s Pointy Spoon story, go read it…it’s pretty funny 😉
  • In good Diva news, she got to read the lunch menu for morning announcements at school yesterday [warning: crazy cute kid on video]. She’s pretty proud of herself, and Monkey said he heard her in his class room too, and said “That’s my sister!”
  • Tuesday evening, we did a Skype call to my parents and brother, so the kids could sing their Uncle G Happy Birthday. (Yep, my bro’s birthday is just 5 days before mine. We had a lot of combo parties growing up.)
  • This morning, I was so looking forward to sleeping in. JB had to leave early to get the the Komen race, and apparently hit the doorbell button on his way out. He has a habit of hitting the bell instead of the garage button. So we can call that a sleeping in FAIL, once Diva’s up there is no more going back to sleep.

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