I’m so ready to move on to 1st!

More Kindergarten talk…Oh my gah I’m so sick of Kindergarten.

Progress reports, Report cards…I can’t keep them straight anymore because, even though we have been sending our kids to this new school for 6 months, their calendar is evidently BEYOND my comprehension. I was sure it was report cards this week. They came home with progress reports yesterday. I guess if I’d looked at the SCHOOL CALENDAR stuck on the fridge with big cute magnets I’d known differently. But my mental state, or the lack thereof, is not the point.

Monkey: good. All A’s and Bs. I’d like his English grade to come up a bit. Immediately after I said that to him, I flashed back to my childhood. I got all A’s and B’s in school, and yet my parents always told me that a couple grades could stand to be higher. My brother almost flunked 9th grade and ended up going to a different school because of it, and they were thrilled with barely passing grades. (I have officially become my parents. Next thing you know, I’ll be imposing an insane curfew on Monkey which will totally cramp his social life, and then let his sister stay out all night long, sneaking in the house somewhat inebriated while I obliviously sleep on the couch in front of the TV. Not that I’m still bitter about the double standards or anything.)

Diva: Meh. But it’s a better meh than last time! At least I think so. Last time, we had the conference from hell in which we told our daughter could possibly have to repeat Kindergarten. They were going to start her in an intervention program. Awesome. (I never admitted it, but that day I flashed back to another time in my childhood, when I made fun of my 6th grade boyfriend…who was my age, but got held back in Kindergarten, so he was only in 5th grade. I made fun with childish love, honest, but at the time I had no idea how one went about flunking K-5. Is this karma? I’m sorry MB. Much love.)

Her progress report was several pages long, but there were no written notes from her teacher about how she was doing. Usually, she writes what she’s struggling with or doing better on. I’m hoping that was just an oversight! There was, however, a new paper in the pack…one from the intervention teacher/coach. All it really said was that Diva was performing ON her grade level (choices were  above/on/below), and the recommendation was to continue the intervention. It did have a name and a phone number, so I will probably call and see if I can talk to someone about her.

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing there will be a conference scheduled soon. I hope so. I feel like she’s doing worlds better than she was a few months ago, but I just want to know that I’m not sitting here with blinders on, that what I think is great progress is actually extending into her school life as well.


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