I’m not typical.

I hate shopping.

Okay, wait…let me clarify that statement. I like shopping, for stuff. Stuff for the kids, stuff for the house, stuff for other people. Oh, and shoes. I could shoe shop all day long.

I hate clothes shopping for myself.

I miss the days when I was a perfect size 5 and everything I put on fit perfectly. Oh, believe me, I complained about clothes shopping back then too, because I didn’t have enough on top to fill out certain shirts and dresses right. If only I’d know then…

That two kids later, I will never see size 5 again.

Two kids later, I’m now slightly top heavy. Sure, my husband absolutely loves this. Me? Not so much.

Two kids later, I’m such an odd size that finding clothes that fit at all is a huge headache. I really never know what size I actually wear, because it varies depending on how things are made. Finding clothes that fit in the petites section is even more difficult, and I have to do that because I’m only 5’1.


We have a friend’s wedding to attend in a couple weeks. I’ve gone through my closet to find a dress to wear to this wedding, and unfortunately I’ve put on a few pounds that make wearing any of the ones that I have not so great an idea. Maybe JB getting that gym membership is a good thing.

So today, since it’s rainy and gloomy, we decided to go dress shopping for me, and then shoe shopping for Monkey. I had looked online and found some dresses I liked, but like I said, things tend to fit me strangely…so I didn’t want to buy something without seeing how it fit first. I had a $10 off coupon for JC Penney’s, and I usually have good luck there…but wouldn’t ya know I left that stupid coupon at home?

I found a dress I liked right after we walked in. And it was on sale already, so that was a plus. I loaded JB’s arms up with dresses, and eventually found the fitting room. I ended up buying the first dress I’d picked up. It’s not really what I set out looking for, but it will do.

Then it was off to a kids shoe store, so Monkey could pick out some size 3 FUGLIFIED shoes. I so hate shoe shopping with him, because it’s like he intends to get the ones we hate the most. He toned it down a little this time around, but probably only because I made a face at almost everything in the store. I have to assert my opinion somehow…


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