Weekly Wrapup: Blah

This has been a crazy week!

  • Monday, it seemed like every random person in the world wanted to knock on our front door. I have learned in the six months I’ve lived here…that usually isn’t a good thing. I’m not interested in talking politics, buying meat off a truck, or letting teenagers try to talk me out of my religion and into theirs. We still don’t know enough people here for me to get excited about the doorbell ringing. So I generally ignore it. That particular day, it appeared to be religion day.
  • Also, some random man came to the front door. I found out much later that he was actually a reporter, but the car he parked in my driveway wasn’t marked so that I would have known that. So he got ignored too. But as I was watching that evening’s news, I got rip roaring mad and it took my husband quite some time to calm me down because of all the “crap” he was reporting.
  • That’s what led to Tuesday’s cleaning spree. I’m upset, I clean.
  • Wednesday…that day wasn’t good, I spent a lot of time down in the dumps. Maybe that’s why I blocked most of it out…
  • Thursday, the kids brought home their progress reports. Monkey’s was great as always, and Diva seems to be doing better. The intervention teacher says she is working ON her grade level, so I’m praying that means she’ll be graduating to first grade in the fall.
  • Thursday night, we found out that JB’s grandmother was in the hospital after a fainting spell. We haven’t been included in too many of the updates since then, but I learned (on Facebook, no less) that she was able to go home yesterday afternoon. Love how people can post stuff all over FB but can’t call or even text us about it here.
  • It’s been raining for two days now. For some reason, rainy weather always gives me headaches, and this time is no different. Maybe that’s why I’ve been in such a foul mood lately. I’m ready for some sunshine, dang it.
  • We went shopping yesterday. Despite my hatred for clothes shopping for myself, I did come out with a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, a pair of Nike’s, and Monkey got yet another fugly pair of shoes.

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