My next step in teaching my daughter WORLD DOMINATION…perfecting the evil, maniacal laugh. I think she’s almost got it down, don’t you?

(And Nick Jonas, if you ever read this, please know that I will make an excellent mother-in-law for you someday. I mean, really…my daughter loves you SO MUCH that she wears pajamas with your face on them.)

And in other world domination news…I *finally* figured out how to make the Google FriendConnect box work. It worked for like, two days after I made the move over to WordPress and then went completely blank. So I took it off. Three weeks later, at last I stumbled onto a solution and much to my surprise, it actually worked! I have a followers box again! Woot woot! If you followed before, feel free to just follow me again! 😉

Today the followers box, tomorrow THE WORLD!


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