Show Me What I’m Looking For…

I thought it might be fun (now that I can do that) to post the different search engine results that somehow, inevitably lead someone to my site. Maybe post it at the end of the month or something. So here goes:

  • cellular phones throughout the ages (I’ve had a few)
  • pictures of telephones through the ages
  • so lovely day
  • my oh so lovely life
  • said thursday seven (not sure what this one is about.)
  • boobs grew alarming rate (LMAO, this one showed up 4 times.)
  • life is lovely. right place. right time. right people. (awesome.)
  • my husband’s ex Amethyst (nope, not me…)
  • life so lovely (That’s me!)
  • pillow snatcher (Yes JB, that is what I said.)
  • qq (I’m curious about just what this person was trying to find, and how the heck qq led to me. 3 times.)
  • what does futterwagon mean (HAHA I shall futterwagon vigorously.)
  • first kiss and meme (It wasn’t pleasant, and yet I still wrote about it.)
  • life with a lovely man

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