Weekly Wrap Up!

  • Monday wasn’t the best day ever…I woke up with an aching back and hobbled around like a little old lady most of the day.  Spent a good chunk of time at the grocery store, and then spent another good chunk of time complaining about how much I have grown to hate that place.
  • Tuesday, I publicly mentioned something that I’ve been tossing around in my head for a while now…about opening my own Etsy store full of the jewelry I make. I tend to second guess myself a lot, but everyone that I’ve mentioned it to so far has encouraged me to go for it. Even JB is telling me to send some of my stuff to work with him so he can show it off! I’ve been brainstorming all week, playing around in Photoshop to come up with headers, buttons, business cards, logos…and then of course, naming the joint 😉
  • Tuesday afternoon, Diva apparently decided halfway through the school day that she needed a mental health day…so I picked her up early because she had a stomach ache. Yeah, it didn’t take me long to realize she really wasn’t sick! But I did take the opportunity of being at the school to talk to her teacher, she is definitely going on to FIRST GRADE in the fall! Sooo very happy about that.
  • I also spent some time this week designing a business card for my very good friend Amanda, who is now running her own business, Three Arks Children’s Boutique! She makes some of the most adorable clothes, and Miss Diva will definitely be getting a dress from Three Arks for her birthday!
  • Friday afternoon, I got another call from the school…this time, Diva took a tumble on the playground…and although she still can’t tell me what her head connected with, she’s got a nice purple knot on her forehead now. Can’t always see it because her hair covers it most of the time.
  • Friday night, we headed to Statesboro for the Tim McGraw concert. (Write up about that coming soon) It was fun, and a great show, and that’s all ya get for the moment…lol
  • This weekend was largely just the necessary things…laundry, groceries, yard work, etc. I also spent a lot of time away from the computer and playing in earrings and beads 😉

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