Just call me Mr. Ed…

When I look back on my high school years, I remember a shy kid who had a tiny group of best friends…those friends *really* knew her, but the rest of the class didn’t know much at all about her, even though most of them had “known” her for a very long time.

I remember a girl whose parents stuck her in a private school because they worried she wouldn’t be able to handle being in a huge public school. (I also remember the enormous culture shock when college started.)

Yep. That kid was most definitely me.

At the time, high school wasn’t fun for me at all. I wasn’t picked on (except for my diminutive height, but I still get that now), bullied, or anything like that. I look back now and would give anything to go back…but obviously that’s not happening.

I can mostly credit JB for finally bringing me out of my shell halfway through my Junior year. But there’s another man that I give a lot of that credit to…my English teacher, who instructed us in 10th grade to simply call him Mr. Ed.

Mr. Ed was a tiny little old man. He normally didn’t have much of a voice, but when kids were cutting up he could seriously raise some you know what. He was my English teacher for three years. As much as I loathed diagramming sentences and other assorted nonsense like that, I always looked forward to his classes.

Of course, I can never be sure, but I think he started seeing a little change in me during my Junior year (after I started dating JB). He often asked me about that “sweetheart” of mine! It was that year that Mr. Ed apparently saw an tiny opening and gently pushed me to attend Literary events, join a club or two, and then during my Senior year he suggested I join the Yearbook staff.  He helped me wade through scholarships and financial aid forms. Not to mention he wrote me glowing letters of recommendation for anything I asked him for.

My Senior year was the best year of high school that I had! (Not just because it was Senior year, more because I finally felt like I was DOING something with my life.) I was hanging out more with the other kids in the class, becoming friends with people in other classes, and got huge shocks twice that year…during Senior Superlatives I was voted Friendliest Senior, and then during the Prom I was named queen. Wow!

A few years after we graduated from high school, we were saddened to learn that Mr. Ed had passed away. He had retired after our graduating class. Maybe he figured we were the best and he couldn’t top us 😉

I remember most of my teachers. But Mr. Ed is the only one I look back on and actually miss talking to!

Have a teacher that made a difference in your life? Link up over at MommyBrain!


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