Stormy Weather

Blah. The rain started here yesterday, and last time I checked, it should continue for the next couple days. It’s so gloomy outside. I know I definitely shouldn’t complain, there’s so many people who have had a much worse time with recent rains. This weather just makes me feel so rough…headaches, bad moods, you name it.

I think instead of season affective disorder, I have something like weather related affective disorder. If that were actually true, then there might have been more to my depressive situation a couple months after we moved here than just being away from my friends and family and not knowing a single soul here…as I recall, most of October, November, and December we saw an insane amount of rough and rainy weather.

Apparently, our area was under a tornado warning around 11:30 pm last night. I have woken up hearing the storm siren before, so I know we can hear it if it goes off even though we don’t live in the city limits. I sure didn’t hear it last night, and at that time I definitely wasn’t asleep yet. Never heard a siren or anything. I only know about the warning because I saw it on the news channel’s Twitter this morning around 7 am. WTG, people.

Anyway…I think I’m skipping PINT this week. I’m reading blogs in my reader, but I’m not feeling particularly chatty today. So I might not be too forthcoming with the comments, but know I’m reading!

I’m off to try to find the post office while there’s a break in the rain. (I haven’t needed the post office since we’ve lived here, and I have no clue where it is. HA)

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