The Story of Us, Part 2

Missed Part 1?

A few days after meeting JB at Tony’s house, my best friend Mandy, who lived two doors down from me, came over and said JB had been asking about me at school. She wanted to make sure it was okay to give him my phone number, before she actually gave it to him. (I suspect now that she’d already given it to him, and was trying to cover her tracks.)

Next thing I knew, Mandy and I were sitting in my car, in the high school parking lot, waiting for JB to get finished with band practice. (Yes, my man was a band geek. But he sure was a hot band geek.) I met his little sister that day, immediately decided I didn’t like her (HA!), and had a conversation with JB that I have absolutely NO memory of.

We talked on the phone a lot, and I’d go see him at work and he’d give me freebie milkshakes on the sly. I still can’t say I was “in love” with him at that point, but I did like him. A lot.

The fair came to town the first week of November. JB called and asked if I’d like to go with him. It had been years since I’d been (because my parents hardly ever took us to anything), so I said I would. That night, he picked me up at my house and took me on the scariest drive ever…he said he’d been nervous and had drunk something like 8 cups of coffee and was hyper. My best memory of that night? He sang Love Me Tender in my ear while we were standing in line for the ferris wheel.

Instant Love. I mean, c’mon. Elvis, ferris wheel, kiss? How could I not fall for that?

That night, after I got home, my dad asked if I’d had fun, and then if I liked JB. I told him yes on both accounts, but in my head I was already picturing wedding dresses and rings.

to be continued

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