Straight from the Diva

Situation: I got a random friend request on Facebook from a guy that I’m pretty sure I don’t know. He sent it soon after I commented on my cousin’s status yesterday, and he is friends with my cousin. I checked out his profile trying to figure out if I know him or not, and in doing so learned that he’s from my hometown (or near it, really), is friends with a couple people I know, and graduated 3 or 4 years ahead of me. He is bald (apparently a “new” look for him), single, is friends with mostly females, has huge tattoos, and seems to enjoy growing facial hair in different configurations. (Gotta love people who have yet to learn how to make their Facebook profiles private.) I think I shall decline his request…

Diva walked up while I was looking at said profile. Here is the short conversation that went down in the following few minutes…

Diva: Mama, Who’s that?

Me: I don’t know baby girl. Just somebody on the computer.

Diva: (while looking at the guy’s picture) Is he in jail?

Me: BAHAHAHAHA! Why would you say that?

Diva: I don’t know, he just looks like he is in jail! Mwahaha Honk!

And yes, she really did throw in the Mwahaha Honk at the end. Ever since I made the video of her doing it the other day, she does it constantly. It has almost ceased to be amusing…


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