The Story of Us, Part 3

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Unfortunately, things cooled off after that. Well, let me correct that, things became an iceburg. We still talked but not as often, and I was crushed when I heard he’d gotten back together with an ex girlfriend. So what did I do? I started dating a guy that I had gone out with before. Stupid, since I really didn’t like him at all, but my 16 year old self was devastated and didn’t know what else to do.

Fast forward to January ’94. JB and I had not talked in over a month. I was in my room studying for midterms, and the guy I was kinda sorta going out with but not really kept calling me, pledging his undying 15 year old love for me. The phone rang, I jerked it up expecting it to be that guy, and answered it rather rudely. Only…it was JB! I don’t remember anything we talked about because my heart was racing and I was trying not to hyperventilate…but by the end of the call, I knew we had a movie date that weekend.

Ecstatic doesn’t even begin to cover how I felt. I floated through the next week. That  Friday night, we went to see Tombstone in the theater. Yeah, I know, super romantic date movie. But that’s what he wanted to see and I didn’t have a preference. I walked out of the theater thinking that it was the worst movie EVER, but truthfully, I barely paid attention to the movie at all. 😉 I actually like that movie now, and fully admit that I watched him more than the movie that night.

We spent every possible minute together for the next month. When he wasn’t working, we were at each other’s houses, or we talked on the phone until we fell asleep. Many a morning, I’d wake up with the phone beside my head on the pillow.

And then, without any warning, I got the tragic “It’s not you, it’s me” letter. JB was the first guy to ever dump me, and I still didn’t even know why. I cried for days, the way only a 16 year old kid can. Life was over, no one would ever love me, I was never gonna get married. Pitiful.

So I did what any other teenaged girl would do. I went out with a creep to get back at him for breaking up with me. Then I asked his best friend, Tony, to take me to my Prom. Tony agreed of course, but kept saying that JB and I would get back together.

And eventually, about a month or so later, we did get back together. His explanation for breaking up with me so suddenly was that he really liked me a lot and it scared him. I accepted that and we moved right along. And in April, we had to Prom hop, because our schools both had their proms on the same night. We were together, just like we always were, and things were good for a while.

The summer before our Senior year, things were not so good. We fought about stupid things constantly. He wouldn’t show up when he said he would, he’d cancel on me to hang out with his friends, etc. I was not at all happy that I was no longer the center of his universe. I spent more time with my friends that summer than I did with my boyfriend, and eventually, I broke up with him.

Unfortunately, our second breakup occurred in the middle of a swirl of rumors, started by a couple of his friends. So that made it just that much worse. What baffled me was that after the breakup, we talked more and were better friends than when we were dating. I don’t know what else he did that summer, but I dated creeps again until I was just so over the whole thing that I wanted nothing further to do with the entire male population. Guys were jerks. I was going to become a nun. You know the drill.

We decided to get back together just before our Senior year started. We were good for a long time after that, and we thought we had worked out all the problems in our relationship. We talked about future plans, and it was always centered around the fact that we would be married. It was just something we always talked about.

Graduation Night

We officially got engaged in August ’95, after we both graduated. We agreed to wait until I finished college before we got married. Plus, that was the only way our parents would stop fussing about it! I flashed that diamond ring every chance I got 🙂

We weren’t off the rollercoaster yet, though. College was a rough time for me…passing classes, working for my dad, JB was working a lot of nights, and it seemed like we hardly spent any time together. When we did, I was always so tired I’d fall asleep on him. A lot of that time was like a blur for me, and it eventually took a toll on us. And yes, we split up again. A couple months this time, although we still talked a lot. It’s strange to look back now and see that even though we broke up so many times, it wasn’t like real breakups.

Another makeup and then it was mostly smooth sailing from there…mostly.

to be continued


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